I can(t) take my eyes off you Luna

By A Crypto Tale | Living Everyday | 11 May 2022

I have been trying to focus on all the chores and work that I need to complete for the day. But, Luna, Oh Luna. How can I? 

It is so chaotic out there. Such drama every hour. Ok, Its starting to make its way back up, Oh, or is it going down? Its hovering at present 1.73, I do not have any buy orders, I can(t) take my eyes off you Luna. 

I understand the stakes and stress may be high for the HODLers. But this is for me at this phase is a good learning, what goes up might come down, and when it does, it will come down hard. Probably something I will remember for a long time as Luna is one coin constantly on my watchlist. 

This is probably not the first time a crypto has come tumbling down, and there are instances where a coin can make your purse jingle all the way to the bank overnight. 

If not the Luna, there are going to be other coins that will do better for you. 

I'm going to sleep over it. Now I believe anything is truly possible in a single day. 





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A Crypto Tale
A Crypto Tale

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Living Everyday
Living Everyday

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