How to Earn with Rollercoin

By A Crypto Tale | Living Everyday | 24 Jan 2024

It can be very overwhelming when you first register with Rollercoin. There is 0 RLT and hardly any miners that do any mining. The motivation to continue to be on the site is lost very quickly. In a couple of days, it is easy to even remember that we had registered on Rollercoin.


Here is what you can do as a complete beginner on Rollercoin.

  1. If you are not putting money into Rollercoin, it is a slow progress, but don’t lose hope, there is some progress, so keep going.
  2. Play as many games as you can to get started with some mining power. By playing games, on an average, you will be mining at about 500 TH/s or more within the week. Ok. That is hardly anything, but let’s continue.
  3. Play a game everyday to get and maintain maximum PC. The power holding from game winnings is 7 days.
  4. You may not have to buy your first miner, in the first couple of days, you will get a miner as a reward. This is a basic miner and not worth really any mining power, but it’s a start.
  5. Complete daily and weekly tasks. If you can do some surveys, then do it, it is the easiest way to get some RLT. You get RST and RLT for completing daily and weekly quests. Claim your rewards.
  6. Go to the Store section and claim the XP rewards to level up. This is where you can start getting miners that matter.
  7. Get a rack. You need to have a rack to place your miners. And the battery has to be charged daily. You don’t have to buy batteries anymore. You can charge for free on a daily basis now.
  8. Place the miners on the rack.

If you have been able to complete many of the daily/ weekly and Events quest daily, in a week, you should have some RLT to spend. Go ahead and buy miners that have the power. Or, simply save for a pass.

Should you focus on Miners with Power or Miners with Bonus as a beginner?

If you have less than 10 PH/s mining power, focus on buying miners with power. But as your mining power grows, get the miners with the bonus. Buy racks with Bonus power as well, it makes all the difference. But if you want to start off with miners that have a bonus power, here is a list of 10 miners that cost less than 10 RLT and worth it.

0.94 RLT -  Rolleron 741 – 0.5% bonus

1.31 RLT - RollerMiner S5+ - 0.5% bonus

3.15 RLT – Chupacabra – 1% bonus

3.67 RLT – Scarabey – 1% bonus

3.78 RLT – Armageddon – 0.75% bonus

4.36 RLT - Dragon's Breath – 1.5% bonus

4.51 RLT – RollerMiner S9 – 1% bonus

4.69 RLT – Shifter – 1% bonus

4.77 RLT – Crimson Bloom – 1% bonus

4.79 RLT – Snowy Blowy – 1% bonus


If you would like to calculate your earnings, this is the calculator I use.


If you are not earning with Rollercoin Mining Simulator game, then here is my link. Give it a shot. Wish you well. 


Thank you for reading.

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