Next AltCoin to 100X | Mantra DAO | BEST Crypto Staking Rewards | DeFi

Next AltCoin to 100X | Mantra DAO | BEST Crypto Staking Rewards | DeFi

By Jay Fried | A Chain of Blocks | 13 Sep 2020

In this video we will look at the next AltCoin to 100X
We will look at what is Mantra DAO? Mantra is currently the BEST Crypto for High Staking Rewards, offering an 88.88% Annual Return for staking their OM Token. This is one HOT DeFi in 2020, and the OM token Price is something I am looking at as I al ways look for Altcoins to invest in.

What is the Next AltCoin to 100X?
In my opinion, one of the next Altcoins to explode in price. An Altcoin that can Really MOON, is the OM Token from Mantra DAO.

What is the BEST Crypto Staking Reward?
Right now on BitMax the OM Token is receiving an 88.88% Annual Return for staking their Cryptocurrency.

What is Mantra DAO?
MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance.

What is the Best Token for Crypto Staking?
Currently Mantra DAO is offering an Amazing 88.88% annual return for staking the OM Token. The OM Token is the native token of the Mantra DAO network.

What makes Mantra DAO Different?
BUILT ON RIO CHAIN Mantra DAO has full interoperability with POLKΛDOT
To support its ecosystem of financial products, MANTRA DAO uses Rio Chain, a Substrate-based blockchain that is highly secure, scalable, and will connect to the Polkadot network.

What are OM Tokens?
OM token plays a key role in expanding and maintaining the MANTRA DAO ecosystem. It has three core functions:
In addition to staking rewards, depositors of cryptocurrencies in MANTRA DAO will receive OM tokens.
OM tokens give voting power over certain economic parameters such as
interest rates, level of inflation, ecosystem grant allocations, etc.
OM token holders can grow their reputation via the KΛRMΛ protocol and be rewarded for their contributions to MANTRA DAO.

A HOT New DeFi on the PolkaDot Blockchain
A community-governed defi platform focusing on staking, lending, and governance, MANTRA DAO is built on Rio Chain, a Substrate-based infrastructure that is interoperable with the Polkadot network. Powered by its own native OM token, which allows holders to participate in key decisions (via the KARMA protocol) and is distributed as a reward for contributions, MANTRA DAO will initially support non-custodial staking services starting with Polkadot ecosystem assets like KSM (Kusama) and DOT (Polkadot).

In short, MANTRA aims to be an integrated, community-governed ecosystem for web3, returning financial control into the hands of the people by letting them earn interest on their pooled digital assets.

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