Phantom The All In One Blockchain Multi-Wallet

By Soberchino | SolanaChino | 2 Dec 2023

Phantom, The Multi-Chain Blockchain Multi-Chain Wallet AKA All In One!

I've been searching for a easy to use "All In One" defi wallet for a while now, It just seems whichever wallet I use, it either lags or has infinite updates and there's not much of a difference after it and if not, slightly worse until the next few updates, other users are like "Could be your device, could be your network, could be your location" that's not the case with "Phantom".

Not only is it quick and easy to use, the transaction fees on their network is cheaper than other places on the blockchain, did I mention their transactions are easy and quick?

One Stop Shop

We all know "Ethereum" is the most popular chain - following them are "Solana" the main reason for this is the gas fees and quick transactions, currently the transaction fee on the Solana network is around $0.00001 USD, I don't make the rules. The third popular network you'll see in the app is Polygon.

Soon you will find other popular chains in the wallet such as, Cardano, Tron, you name it, which ever network your cryptocurrency is on will be available to view in your Phantom app, don't sleep on this project!

They have a desktop version of the app available too, so if you're more of a PC/Laptop kind of guy/gal you can install it into your browser and use it like that!

What about the NFTs?

Same thing applies for the NFTs, you don't need to switch your network or connect to certain "NFT" websites to view all of your NFTs in your wallet, it's all there right beside the "Token's" tab. Btw, just so you know, the app is super quick and it doesn't take up to 5-10 seconds to load up the NFT's, consider using Phantom for at least 1 week and see if you like it or not!


Although it's becoming a common thing, they have a staking feature in their wallet too so you don't need to worry about "what will happen to my tokens/coins in my other app that are locked in stake? Since Phantom is a ALL IN ONE defi wallet, it has access to every place available on the blockchain.

Bridging Across Chains

Awesome thing about Phantom App too is - if you are holding $ETH and want to swap to $SOL or $MATIC you can do so through the app, no need to send your coins to a CEX and then back to your phantom wallet costing you extra fee's! 

Friendly Community

When mentioning "friendly community" I'm obviously talking about all the networks that are available on the platform, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana have creative and very talented people, once you get your foot in the door you'll come to know there are lots of friendly people on the web ready to welcome you with open arms, basically what I'm saying is, don't hesitate to ask questions, there's no such thing as a wrong question, once you come across someone that's willing to help guide you, you'll notice how easy it is to get around and you will notice that you are helping others use the app too!


I've been using this wallet for over a month now, coming from an "Ethereum" background I have started to grow interest in Cardano and Solana in the last 2 months and without mentioning other wallets that have access to the Eth & Sol networks they are difficult to use especially after their updates - I must say, as time goes by, all these wallets are starting to look like each other, but none of them work as smoothly, quickly as Phantom & may I add the theme to "Phantom" is beautiful - I love "Purple". The value of your coins/tokens in the app show in real time, which is something that saves us from pulling out the calculator or connecting to a swap that we trade our tokens on or go to CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap to see the current value of our tokens in real time!

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