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SubSocial - A Walkthrough of the Platform

We live in a world where privacy is a thing of the past and our social/online/digital life has taken precedence over our actual lives. We live by posts, tweets, stories and feeds. We’re now both the product and the consumer. Nothing is private anymore, the concept of privacy is a blurred notion. There are no free lunches and social media platforms for one are nothing but free. We are paying for it through our data and time.

Subsocial consists of an independent blockchain built on Substrate (which hosts its custom social networking modules) and a decentralized application that functions as a social network. It is yet to launch on Mainnet which means you can expect bugs and other associated problems.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to create and Use a Subsocial Account


Download Polkadot Extension

To begin using Subsocial, you need to install a Polkadot Extension. You can install the Polkadot.js extension in your browser. Polkadot extension can be downloaded and installed on Chrome and Firefox. The extension will allow you to sign the transactions for SubSocial and to interact with any Substrate-based blockchain


Create SubSocial Account

Log onto the SubSocial application. It will automatically try connecting with the Polkadot-js extension through a pop-up. Click on - Yes, allow this application access” and it will connect with your SubSocial application. Your account is a pair of cryptographic keys where the public one becomes your address and the private one your password which allows you to interact (create spaces, post comments, transfer SUBS). 


Claim Sub Tokens

For any transaction on SubSocial, you will need to have $SUB tokens. To get some $SUB tokens, use the Faucet option. Fill in the google form and you should have a small balance of $SUB tokens sufficient enough to help you with the transactions. Once you see a $SUB balance, go ahead and create your spaces. You could even log onto Subsocial telegram to ask and obtain these tokens from someone on the team. 




Create Spaces

The building blocks of Subsocial are the spaces, posts, comments, likes, and follows. Spaces are similar to blogs, publications on Medium, groups/pages on Facebook, servers on Discord, or channels on Youtube. We’re all used to having a profile on the Web2.0 Sites so the concept of spaces might come across as confusing. Instead of having a profile, SubSocial will allow users to designate a single Space that they own as the Profile Space. It will serve as the source of a user's profile information including the avatar, name, bio and other information.

Profile space is not a requirement. 



Create Posts

Posts are similar to posts on Facebook, articles on Medium, tweets on Twitter. That should be self-explanatory. You can create a video post as well. As of now, videos cannot be directly uploaded on Subsocial. You can upload links from other platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc.




For Subsocial, you can use Polkastats to track your activities and transactions.



This was a basic walkthrough of SubSocial. Alternatively, you can watch my video

Do let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

And while you are at it, please feel free to connect with me on my Space. See you there.


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