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Earn Bitcoins for viewing websites

21 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments neurolicious

adBTC   Adbtc is one of the highest paying Advert/surfing site that has been in the game for a while and over the time gained a good reputation. The pay outs are very generous, I've seen 30 second ads that pay over 60 satoshi which is unheard of in a...

From Nothing to Something Pt.1 - Making few cents a day and how I utilize it to make passive income.

21 May 2020 5 minute read 0 comments neurolicious

Three thousand satoshi doesn't sound alot, and it isn't. So why do it? Why waste slightest of time for chump change when I can get an actual job and earn more in an hour than I do with that method in whole day? The reason is simple. It is almost effo...

Get up to $5 worth of LBRY Credits (LBC) for free every day from LBRY.TV

20 May 2020 1 minute read 2 comments neurolicious

LBRY Credits is doing good project wise and therefore also on the market, and it seems to have a bright future ahead. As the current price sits on roughly $0.05 and is on uptrend, the rewards for consumers and content creators alike are becoming more...

Bitsurf - Earn some satoshi passively and gain free traffic to your own site

20 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments neurolicious

Bitsurf is a autosurf site with the ability to run virtually indefinitely.They offer unlimited websites to view therefore you can run it 24/7 and earn atleast 1 satoshi each minute at the current conversion rates. The rewards are changed every month...


Tezos Tenderbak testnet is up, improving scalability and the amount of transactions per second

26 Oct 2020 Allen Walters

27 October 2020
Sweet copy paste mate. A proper fanboy The market cap already speaks for itself. Even Cardano as a "vaporware" has more impact than Tezos, Tron and all this garbage combined because all they do is try to copy and paste, put their sticker on it and call it innovation. Enjoy your losses in the future.

Tezos Tenderbak testnet is up, improving scalability and the amount of transactions per second

26 Oct 2020 Allen Walters

27 October 2020
Lol look at Cardanos latest achievements. It already dwarfed XTZ.

What are the best altcoins to invest in from November 2020?

26 Oct 2020 TMod_Marco

27 October 2020
Literally the worst set of picks I've seen in a while. Enjoy your losses.

Cash Out Your Crypto With Bitrefill 😎 Zero Fees And No KYC!

26 Oct 2020 Cryptonator`s

27 October 2020
Worthless to me... This is best of those indian scammers who want gift cards. I need €€€ on my bank account.

PayPal ... will no longer be a rumor

22 Oct 2020 alquimista1501

23 October 2020
I hope they will have smaller fees for Crypto to FIAT conversion. That would be a good reason to ditch Coinbase for good.

As Predicted - Significant Moves From LTC As BTC Begins To Move!

22 Oct 2020 Sapphire

23 October 2020
mining power? cloud mining? lol

This Is Why Cardano (ADA) Has Surged More Than Any Top Coin And Still Has Potential

21 Oct 2020 moon333

22 October 2020
Great article. Love ADA and believe it has a great future. Hoskinson is a very good leader.

Comparing Verasity and Theta.TV

20 Oct 2020 Scott Cunningham

21 October 2020
Agree. What also bugs me is how he compares Theta to Youtube lol

Ethereum Gets Rejected at $400 – What’s Next? (TA - 16th of October)

16 Oct 2020 pheonixdown-dee

18 October 2020
Long time. Eth 2.0 will not launch before the end of next year

Presearch Token Swap Completed!

17 Oct 2020 Presearch

17 October 2020
I see you talk about privacy and not saving user data almost everywhere but how do you explain your engine literally saving what people are searching. You literally save everything people are searching for, I mean how are we getting penalized for "inappropriate" searches? It already tells you're saving user data extensively.

The REAL Coinpot Roller Trick with PAYMENT PROOF

27 Apr 2020 Thomas Wolf

14 October 2020
Was looking for your post. Came here to say how big of a lying pieces of garbage Coinpot are. They are nowhere near 0% house edge since the VIP/Free lottery thing update. I can keep the dice rolling LONGER on sites with 2% house edge so what does it make Coinpot?

The Coinpot Multiplier - Friend or Foe?

5 Oct 2020 OneMillionSatoshi

14 October 2020
Complete bullshit. Since their "FREE LOTTERY" ticket and VIP update, the house edge has been nowhere near 0%. They're straight up lying. I used to farm Coinpot tokens using the multiplier when it had real 0% house edge, I could leave 8 instances of multiplier running for weeks and weeks and watch my balance grow steadily. Now the balance goes to 0 overnight.

Atomic Wallet Overview

11 Oct 2020 cryptoforcanadians

12 October 2020
What you need to do is pull downwards to refresh the page so to speak. TXs will show up. About the wallet itself while I like the convenience, I still prefer Trust to collect faucet earnings etc because it's less buggy and the UI is more friendly and pleasing to eyes.

UniswapX - is an upgrade to the original uniswap project - Get $ 500 UNIX tokens instantly

10 Oct 2020 binz do

12 October 2020
You mean Metamask? It doesn't even matter... If a wallet supports ERC tokens then you're golden. Metamask, MEW, Trust are simply interfaces for the wallet so it doesn't really matter as I said, as long as you have the private key to your ETH wallet.

Gaming on the Litecoin blockchain? It can be done

6 Oct 2020 Roberto D.

08 October 2020
No it's not. Nearly every coin in top 100 beats LTC in terms of tech. The only reason why LTC is so high up in the rankings is because it's the one of the first altcoins.

I Hate Crypto Deceits and Sometimes They Come from Unexpected Places!!!

6 Oct 2020 rah

07 October 2020
That's what I've been saying about Presearch the whole time. They are sketchy if not more sketchy than Google. Wait til Google or some other big company buys them for hefty price.

Make 400 satoshi every 12 hours with playing these 4 games!

5 Oct 2020 Kimster

06 October 2020
Kinda pointless and a waste of time unless you like to play these games. You can make more than 1000 satoshi every 24 hours completely AFK 100%

Theta, Theta TV and earning Tfuel for free.

5 Oct 2020 Poorboycrypto

05 October 2020
I've been running a Theta Node for nearly 6 months now. First 3 months I got between 1500-2000 TFuel a month but due to its rise in popularity I only hit 200-300 TFuel a month recently which sucks but its effortless so every penny is good lol

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Top 5 Ethereum (ETH) DApps You Need To Try

4 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments Absolute Unit

I've shied away from writing this for a while. Gas fees have been climbing like crazy on the ETH network. These rising gas fees were making testing games/DApps an investment in itself. But the sheer amount of quality DApps on ETH made it all worthwhi...

League of Legends, earning by playing your favorite game!

31 Jan 2020 2 minute read comments Iv4n

League of Legends  Today almost everyone has heard at least once for League of Legends. With more than 80 million active users it's one of the most popular games. Free to play, interesting, full of actions, it's no wonder that this game is drawing hu...



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