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I am an author, Udemy Instructor, and blogger. I also suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome and using DDPY to try to repair my mind.

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RAID - Shadow Legends Review

12 Aug 2019 13 minute read 0 comments mad_cat

I miss the games of yesteryear, back when developers actually tried to make people happy, when games were more of an art form and not just a way to extort money from you, unlike the games of today that you have to buy season passes and in-game boxes...

#ShowYourPortfolio - Super Piggy Savings Account

12 Jul 2019 6 minute read 5 comments mad_cat

  Introduction I'll admit it, I'm bad with money. Try as I might, if I have money, I'll spend it. Initially I used Bitcoin for investing. I didn't have a lot of money and I saw the potential in the long run to have something to help my current situa...

OSPU - Brave Review

18 May 2019 7 minute read 2 comments mad_cat

Since this is my first post for Old-School Power User, I want to quickly tell you a bit about who I am. When it comes to Cryptocurrency, I'm a Schmo, but when it comes to computers, I'm a Power User. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networking....

Joe Schmo and Smuck - Can Bitcoin Survive Christmas?

13 May 2019 4 minute read 0 comments mad_cat

Joe here... I know what you're asking, why are you asking about Christmas... it's not even June yet? We have 6 1/2 months until then. True. However, as many of us want to see a return on investment, we must be concerned about Christmas right now. In...

Joe Schmo and Smuck - Congressional Bitcoin Bull Ban

12 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments mad_cat

Joe here, (it's really Chris) Continuing my last article, What Keeps Bitcoin From Soaring?, I discussed how to get the average Schmo interested in investing, which would be a win-win for all of us. One thing I didn't mention would be based on a simpl...

Joe Schmo and Smuck - What Keeps Bitcoin From Soaring?

12 May 2019 4 minute read 0 comments mad_cat

Joe here, I've mentioned the importance of the small investor like me. It doesn't seem like we really are, because our individual value is next to nothing compared to the whales who has lots of disposable money. Yet if you take us Schmos as a whole,...

Joe Schmo and Smuck - I Don't Trust Facecoin

11 May 2019 5 minute read 4 comments mad_cat

Once upon a time, the only way to know what other people thought was to watch TV or go to a public arena such as a town hall meeting or even a church. Even then, there was a pressure to conform to what the majority thought, which always seemed to be...

Joe Schmo and Smuck - To Invest or Not Invest

11 May 2019 2 minute read 1 comment mad_cat

Joe here, or actually Chris, but for this article, call me Joe. You hear about the big whales, the big money in the crypto market, that can help move the price. We want these people buying because that starts the trend of it moving upward. These big...


Announcing the Winners of #ShowYourPortfolio Publish0x Writing Contest

16 Jul 2019 Igor Tomić

17 July 2019
I'm glad my article was well received and I confirmed I got $10 HYDRO. Everyone seems to like DAI, I guess I had to be different.

#ShowYourPortfolio - Super Piggy Savings Account

12 Jul 2019 mad_cat

17 July 2019
Thank you so much. I'm speechless. I would like that in HYDRO please.

My second PayMonday on Publish0x

13 May 2019 cryptovato1

14 May 2019
Thank you. After some research I found that on my own, and it was basically what you said.

My second PayMonday on Publish0x

13 May 2019 cryptovato1

14 May 2019
I got my HYDRO to MyCrypto, but trying to take that and turn it into ETH. Do you know how to do that?

What is Dtube?

7 May 2019 Gr8Crypto

12 May 2019
I signed up. thank you for telling me about this.

Joe Schmo and Smuck - I Don't Trust Facecoin

11 May 2019 mad_cat

12 May 2019
Thank you for the comment. I do enjoy a conversation.

Joe Schmo and Smuck - I Don't Trust Facecoin

11 May 2019 mad_cat

12 May 2019
It's far more complex than that. You are right that decentralized is more of a left concept than a right one. I'm not saying anything is bad of the right or left, but people dislike extremism that Facebook has clearly shown. The value of cryptocurrencies is not so much people designed. If people can choose, then why not set 1 BTC to $1m USD? What gives its value, much like gold was its scarcity. Not the only thing, but one of the main reasons. It also comes from what people are willing to pay for it. And yes, it lacking a central authority is why it became so popular. And yes, Facebook is the far left. Once upon a time, the left was the champion of free speech. Now, the New Left (or Far Left) is champion of restricted speech. Censorship is tool that this extremist political identity now uses as a weapon. As I said, I am on the Left, but I'm not far left.

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