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Hello, my name is Matthijs. I’m an Amsterdam based documentary filmmaker. I got involved in crypto early 2016 due to a documentary I was making about the future food. futurefood.io 🤓✌️

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12 Liquid Months - Documentary About a Guy Who Stopped Eating For a Whole Year

22 Aug 2019 4 minute read comments futurefood.io

Hi, Y'all! First off this is a repost from the original article on Steemit.I want to test the waters a bit and I'm currently in between a couple of time consuming projects so I cant write new articles. Nonetheless this older post is a great introduc...

#SwitchToBrave - Bullish on The BAT Eco System

21 Aug 2019 4 minute read comments futurefood.io

Let me start with a little confession: I've never used Chrome. Perhaps this makes me a bit of a weak participant in this contest, but hear me out. It does make sense. IMHO When Google launched Chrome, I was using Firefox. I can't remember using any o...