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Battle of the Smart Contract Platforms - Ethereum vs EOS vs Cardano

1 week ago 7 minute read cam_elica_24

Image Source: Bitcoinist The rise of blockchain technology has revolutionized pretty much everything around us. But while bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies showed us that it was indeed possible to facilitate decentralized peer-to-peer payments, it...

Quick Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees

2 weeks ago 4 minute read cam_elica_24

Image Source: Shutterstock If you’ve already done a transaction with bitcoin, whether trading it for standard fiat currency through an exchange platform or simply transferred it to someone, you probably noticed that there was a small transaction...

Step by Step Comparison Guide: XRP Vs Litecoin

23 Dec 2019 6 minute read cam_elica_24

In this XRP vs Litecoin guide, CoinFalcon delves deeper into these two crypto heavyweights and see how they differ with each other. XRP and Litecoin are among the top six coins in the world by market capitalization. Image Source: Crypto Runner While...

Bitcoin Mining Profitability in 2020 and How the Next Halving will Impact Its Price (Part 2)

17 Dec 2019 2 minute read cam_elica_24

In the part one of this series, we looked at bitcoin mining and why the halving is an essential part of the bitcoin network. Now, let’s take a look at the potential impact of the next bitcoin halving in relation to bitcoin price and mining profitabil...

Bitcoin Mining in 2020 and How the Next Halving will Impact Its Profitability (Part 1)

11 Dec 2019 3 minute read cam_elica_24

Image Source: World Economic Forum On October 18, the 18 millionth Bitcoin was mined, which translates to around 85% of the total bitcoin supply, which is capped at 21 million only. Following the new milestone, the world’s number one cryptocurrency...

CoinFalcon Learn - Crypto Basics for the Budding Investor

9 Dec 2019 5 minute read cam_elica_24

You’ve heard people say over and over again that “knowledge is power.” This maxim applies to just about every facet of everyday life, but even more so when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Every journey begins with a single step, and what better place t...

The Most Interesting Blockchain Applications Today Aside From Bitcoin

4 Dec 2019 6 minute read cam_elica_24

With all the hype surrounding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, casual observers tend to overlook the intriguing and revolutionary technology that underpins it -- blockchain. In fact, it’s often been said that although cryptocur...

An Introduction to Stablecoins and Why They are Important to Your Portfolio

2 Dec 2019 6 minute read cam_elica_24

Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have been revolutionary in every sense of the word. For many crypto enthusiasts, crypto is the future of money and will finally break us free from the illusion of control that centralized institutions have sewe...

When is the “ideal time” to buy cryptocurrency?

29 Nov 2019 4 minute read cam_elica_24

Right off the bat - Just like with other financial markets, there’s no crystal ball that can predict the “best time” to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, you can use the dollar-cost averaging model to make market volatility work in you...

The Beginner’s Quick Guide to Reading Cryptocurrency Charts

26 Nov 2019 7 minute read cam_elica_24

Learning how to read and understand trading charts is an essential skill if you plan to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies successfully. If you’re new to the cryptocurrency world or simply looking to get on your way to becoming a seasoned bitco...