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Unbiased Privacy Coin Comparison - Real Monero (XMR) Alternatives?

25 Jun 2019 2 minute read 15 comments Joker

More and more major cryptocurrencies are looking toward privacy features in order to enhance their existing code base. You may come across talk of Bitcoin potentially adopting exotic sounding protocols like Dandelion, or Bulletproofs, but what does t...

Time to buy Spectrecoin? - Now or never?

6 May 2019 2 minute read 16 comments Joker

While I personally dislike questions as "When moon?" or people hoping for their coin choice to make an x100-x1000 investment gain. I want to make an evaluation of alike minded privacy cryptocurrencies and point out possibilities. Note: This is an opi...

Blockchain games evolve - Introducing 8 Circuit Studios

29 Apr 2019 4 minute read 100 comments Joker

Games have always been one of the main reasons to strive for better technology and usage. The used platforms (PS4, XBOX, PC,..) don't really matter in these cases. The gaming market has grown enormously over the past decades. And of course, games won...

Spectrecoin's new v3 in detail - Prepare for a change

16 Apr 2019 3 minute read 3 comments Joker

As we come closer to the major release date of v3 as well as the hardfork, that will introduce stealth staking on the Spectrecoin network, I wanted to have a closer look on what other significant changes we will see too.The fork time for v3 is pretty...

Decentraland + your creativity = ❤️ - Design your idea of a virtual reality

28 Mar 2019 2 minute read 2 comments Joker

Everyone of us has these type of days, that just call for an escape. Desperate need for a holiday, a job change or just a runaway from everything that surrounds us. It is not often as easy as we hope. Mostly, it is the money we need, from the job, to...

The Cryptopia fiasco - Only 77 of 459 projects secured

22 Mar 2019 2 minute read 5 comments Joker

Everyone of us remembers the "breaking news" of Cryptopia being hacked back on 14th January this year. A tad more than 2 month later, we are still waiting to access our funds. While trading has been enabled on 73 projects as of today (

Spectrecoin 2018 - A year in review. Or how XSPEC paved the road for SPECTRE

5 Mar 2019 4 minute read 12 comments Joker

No doubt, 2018 has been a rocky year, not just for Spectrecoin but for Cryptocurrency in general. Bitcoin itself has seen a major price decline yet the acceptance of crypto has grown in many more ways than the years before. The so called bear market...


Blockchain games evolve - Introducing 8 Circuit Studios

29 Apr 2019 Joker

16 March 2020
Hey, thank you for your comment. This article is almost a year ago. 8 Circuit Studios main game: Project Genesis, has changed a lot since then. As well there is a few other companies trying to aim for Blockchain usage. Most are card or 2d games currently. But this space will definitely evolve over the next years :)

Publish0x in 2019 - A Year in Review - Exponential Growth and What to Expect in 2020

29 Dec 2019 Igor Tomić

30 December 2019
Unicorn dog, really? That gets you going,.. :D Congrats on the progress!

Writing Comments on Publish0x Does NOT Increase Earnings

10 Dec 2019 Igor Tomić

14 December 2019
Why do spammers, spam? Haters, hate and trolls, troll? I guess the human mind can be an endless space of stupidity for no reason :D

Publish0x September-October Update: Images Standardized, Fraud Detection Increased, Ambassador Leaderboards (with Rewards!) and Other Developments

21 Nov 2019 Igor Tomić

22 November 2019
The platform was launched back in Oct 2018. You have a pretty nice overview of statistics and the best performing article of last the month here:

Publish0x September-October Update: Images Standardized, Fraud Detection Increased, Ambassador Leaderboards (with Rewards!) and Other Developments

21 Nov 2019 Igor Tomić

22 November 2019
The Alexa progress is sweet. I personally find tipping one article more than once hella unreasonable and tip farming, but you re the one with the economics statistics. :P

Newsletter (July / August 2019)

18 Jul 2019 SpectreCoin

22 July 2019
Spectrecoin offers the ability for privacy by choice by making use of a dual-coin-system. XSPEC is public and visible on the blockchain. SPECTRE is anonymous and not visible or trackable on the Blockchain. The working solution of Stealth staking offers the ability to participate towards the network and get anonymous rewards, which is unique on a trustless setup and has never been done before. As this happens with the anonymous SPECTRE nobody can see or track your staking rewards hence it is completely anonymous, just as real cash. In comparison, 99% of coins are trackable and visible on Blockchains, think of it as everyone can have a look on your bank account... Spectrecoin makes such spying approach obsolete.

Unbiased Privacy Coin Comparison - Real Monero (XMR) Alternatives?

25 Jun 2019 Joker

27 June 2019
Thanks for your comment! Creating a comparison chart is terribly exhausting. Not only are you usually being attacked by all parties but as well you have to invest way too much time for the outcome. If indeed you try to make it valuable, not only a DASH, Verge,.. comparison, because we all know how these turn out. We ld greatly appreciate if you had a link or similar on how Zerocoin minting from RingCT works on Veil. Or other features of coins you ve been working for. Re: RingCT from Particl, we know Veil has it from Particl, but its currently on Testnet for Particl and about to go live in 2-3 weeks time. For a very good reason we disregarded future features/promises and not list them at all. As well we currently deleted all coins below Veil for plenty reasons of huge promises but not actually listing how they are/should be working out. The chart is definitely a WIP approach but will probably never be complete as many coins are rather scarce on their implementation or information sources.

Unbiased Privacy Coin Comparison - Real Monero (XMR) Alternatives?

25 Jun 2019 Joker

26 June 2019
It will be interesting to see how long it takes until features are obsolete. :P

Publish0x May Update

3 Jun 2019 Igor Tomić

03 June 2019
Top 10.000 Alexa ranking incoming :)

Why Blog on Publish0x? Case Study + Stats from Blockchain and Crypto Teams Blogging on Publish0x

13 May 2019 Igor Tomić

13 May 2019
Statistics are great and give a good insight of reach. Again in 4-5 months with double the amount of projects please. :D

Blockchain games evolve - Introducing 8 Circuit Studios

29 Apr 2019 Joker

09 May 2019
Since it's currently in pre-alpha it still might take some time. :)

Time to buy Spectrecoin? - Now or never?

6 May 2019 Joker

09 May 2019
Thanks for the words. It has to be seen who or especially how competing projects will work together/or against each other.

Time to buy Spectrecoin? - Now or never?

6 May 2019 Joker

09 May 2019
Thank you very much.

Blockchain games evolve - Introducing 8 Circuit Studios

29 Apr 2019 Joker

06 May 2019
Thank you very much. :)

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