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Time to buy Spectrecoin? - Now or never?

2 weeks ago Joker $5.91 (1,052.7629 BNTY)

While I personally dislike questions as "When moon?" or people hoping for their coin choice to make an x100-x1000 investment gain. I want to make an evaluation of alike minded privacy cryptocurrencies and point out possibilities. Note: This is an opi...

Spectrecoin's new v3 in detail - Prepare for a change

16 Apr 2019 Joker $14.31 (2,548.0265 BNTY)

As we come closer to the major release date of v3 as well as the hardfork, that will introduce stealth staking on the Spectrecoin network, I wanted to have a closer look on what other significant changes we will see too.The fork time for v3 is pretty...

Decentraland + your creativity = ❤️ - Design your idea of a virtual reality

28 Mar 2019 Joker $8.25 (1,540.8363 BNTY)

Everyone of us has these type of days, that just call for an escape. Desperate need for a holiday, a job change or just a runaway from everything that surrounds us. It is not often as easy as we hope. Mostly, it is the money we need, from the job, to...