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Poor Man's Paradise - Keep The Change!!!

24 Feb 2020 3 minute read 0 comments AMStyles247

"I am not a financial advisor or anyone that works in the financial world. What I am sharing/talking about is my own experiences and opinion. Please do your own research, so that you can make your own decisions based on your own findings." We all hav...

All My Styles

22 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AMStyles247

Hello,    Let me start off by introducing myself or what my name means. I am A.M. Styles (All My Styles). I have been writing for a few decades now. I am a self-publish author with several books under my belt. I will admit the first few books could h...


What DeFi Token is Coinbase Going to List Next?

15 Sep 2020 Chenhuang_defi

16 September 2020
Nice research and very detailed in my opinion. I however found an easier way to figure out Coinbase plans which to me are in plain sight. If you go to the "Prices" page/tab, look at "All Assets to see all the different coins/tokens that Coinbase "holds." Although not all assets are available to Coinbase users, you can gather insight as to what the company sees as an asset to which you can do your research, find ways to obtain using different wallets to hold until Coinbase makes it available to trade. I compare different exchanges to see if they follow the same pattern and often times they do. ***I am not a financial advisor or in the financial industry. Do your own research to make your own decision on what best fits your needs. ***

Are big banks spending millions to keep Crypto out of your hands?

28 Aug 2020 TrendingNow

28 August 2020
I agree with your post. I do believe they are quietly collecting as much of the cryptocurrency as they can so they can try to control the flow. If you take time to notice, you will see some apps offering people the option to buy cryptocurrency through them (not a good idea in my opinion). People purchasing crypto through these institutions of exchanges means those institutions and exchanges own more of the cryptocurrency while the consumer gets a smaller fraction.

Make money out of your music 1

29 Jul 2020 AlienX

29 July 2020
You are on the right path about being streamed on as many platforms as possible. You can also earn cryptocurrency on some other video platforms as well as being recognized as content creators. Linking those platforms can generate extra forms of monetization. I have worked and currently working with those new to the music business as well as being an author. I am interested in seeing you develop your style in writing along with how it is going with the music for you.

Buying Bitcoin is peaceful protest, says author Isaiah Jackson

7 Jun 2020 RickeBeatz

07 June 2020
Thank you for sharing. I have been saying the same message for a while now as well.

Be Careful people are Lying to you about BRAVE

31 May 2020 Lodhfiaz

31 May 2020
It is plausible to make 100 USD or more in BAT each month. I wouldn't say it is a scam or false. There are individuals that link multiple accounts to their content creator account. An example would be those who manage multiple youtube accounts, multiple twitter accounts. Brave states that all you have to do is manage those accounts and not own them. Some celebrities use PR people to handle some of their accounts. If you have a strong following and convince people to download use the browser, most people use mobile devices, hence them tipping not knowing the value of what they are tipping. You can also tip yourself.

Open Source Software Solutions

28 May 2020 Fair Logic

28 May 2020
Another Open Source app is (image editing software) that also lets you work on adobe files if you download the plug-in.

Reasons to not start a Website / Blog in 2020 and when to start instead

27 May 2020 cgboss

27 May 2020
Don't change your website or design. Here is some helpful advice. Think of yourself or your service as a person and less of a product/brand (People are looking for someone they can relate to and less for things that are impersonal). Let your blog be an extension of you. To monetize do a search for "Brave Content Creator" and follow the instructions on becoming a content creator. Once you are approved and your different accounts are linked to the Brave Content Creator account, you can "Tip"/pay yourself with BAT. Next using what you have set-up, download Page Manager to share your "Posts" from your blog to Facebook. Page Manager will let you share your posts with other platforms. I run and own a Technology Consulting company as well as being a published author. It's just a matter of knowing what to use and how to adapt your thinking in order to improve on the idea/concept so that you can succeed (A.I.S. = Adapt/Adjust Improve Succeed).


8 May 2020 K-love

08 May 2020
Thank you for sharing this information. I will present it to some of my clients that are artists.

I could really use some advice

5 May 2020 Wizkid

06 May 2020
You are welcome.

I could really use some advice

5 May 2020 Wizkid

05 May 2020
Write about the things that interest you. When you focus on one style of writing, you limit yourself. Not everyone will like the different styles but there will be those that may like one style over another. Your writings are your own to create the world as you see it, experienced it, or dream of it becoming. Your writings are apart of who you are and how your creativity works. So let your styles in writing be those different emotions/feelings that we all experience in life. A.M. Styles (All My Styles)

Do Americans buy Bitcoin with incentive coins?

22 Apr 2020 kazandiran

22 April 2020
Most Americans will not buy bitcoin or other altcoins/tokens because those are not of importance or priority. You have to understand that 1,200 dollars will not go a long way. To break down what $1,200 equals in terms of pay; it's $7.25/hr. Most places in the US cost more than that each month to rent or very close to that amount. The $1,200 dollars will most likely be spread out to cover food, and maybe a utility. Way more than half of Americans live at/near the poverty level or slightly above. One major incident can cause a family to lose everything whether it is health-related or loss of a job. Over 22 million Americans lost their job within the last month because of the pandemic.

Here's why 99% of blockchain social networks are useless

7 Apr 2020 Giorgiob

07 April 2020
I see and understand your point but I disagree with the idea of what is needed to invest. Each person has their own goal(s) on how to invest and why they are investing. Not every individual has that type of funds readily available (thousands of dollars/euros they can part with to risk investing. They say teach a man/woman to fish and they can eat for days. Why not take it a step further and teach them how to clean/gut the fish (people assume it is common knowledge how to clean/gut and/or cook fish) along with different ways to prepare the fish. What I have been doing is showing people that you can invest/learn about investing especially with cryptocurrency. Once they feel comfortable they can choose to use their personal income to add to their investments or continue to dive deeper into the crypto world. Not everyone views the same coins/tokens as being the best investment(s). Reading the different blogs/posts on multiple platforms proves each person views their investments as to what works bests for them. Not every one that started investing in cryptocurrency started out with thousands of dollars/euros on hand to risk. Sometimes we need to forget what we know in order to see and learn things from someone else's perspective. An example of this, in my opinion, is the marketing industry. Most people in marketing now follow the same ideas/concepts as others for their products and where to place their products. You are told which demographic is best suited for your product, while that is ok, but what about other demographics that are overlooked or assumed wouldn't be interested? I could talk about this idea/concept all day but the bottom line is sometimes we have to step away from the norm and learn how to get others more engaged in new things to either better their life/situation or just to be in the know.

Here's why 99% of blockchain social networks are useless

7 Apr 2020 Giorgiob

07 April 2020
I can see and understand your point about the different platforms. To be honest, I do agree, while at the same time taking notes as to how to adapt and improve in order to succeed in using the different platforms. My initial goal was to figure out how easy it would be for individuals to earn/invest in cryptocurrency without truly using their personal income to invest but take the mere pennies they are tipped to reinvest in different coins and/or tokens. What I have learned is that being a part of the different platforms and working each one solely, the individual will spend more time trying to make enough to purchase a pizza as you stated. The term/word community lacks the true definition of what a community means in the sense of the word. I have noticed it is more of the "central" thinking to which each person is for themself instead of building together. I do like reading the different points of view as well as learning new ideas that I can implement for the different businesses I operate to aid my clients and myself. I appreciate your honesty in this article and will try to follow more of your posts in hopes of learning more from you as well.

My Experience With Covid-19? Lessons Learned: Hope And Healing In The Midst Of A Crisis

25 Mar 2020 Thomas Dylan Daniel

26 March 2020
I will pray for you and your father. You are still privileged in the sense that you are there to support each other, so enjoy the time you have left. You were meant to go to Lubbock because you are needed there for more reasons than you can imagine. Hug your family and let them know how much you love and cherish them and what a privilege to be a part of each others' world.

My Experience With Covid-19? Lessons Learned: Hope And Healing In The Midst Of A Crisis

25 Mar 2020 Thomas Dylan Daniel

26 March 2020
Ty, for sharing and speaking your truth. I am glad that you did think about others and how it may impact them. I live with a compromised immune system. There are many of us that wish others would simply understand that spreading a virus/disease can be deadly to even those that "look normal/healthy." During this whole time and even before it became widespread those in the pain community were preparing for what was on the way to the USA. In our different support groups that are worldwide, we do share information as to what we learn or find out that can impact us and others. I am glad that you are on the road to recovery. Take your time to heal and get better. "Adapt-Improve-Succeed - Adapt to the environment so that you can improve on yourself so that all you strive for, you succeed in." - A.M. Styles 2020

Austin Issues Shelter In Place Guidance

24 Mar 2020 Thomas Dylan Daniel

25 March 2020
I will definitely check back tomorrow. Thank you once again.

Austin Issues Shelter In Place Guidance

24 Mar 2020 Thomas Dylan Daniel

24 March 2020
I really enjoyed your writing part of your story and sharing it. How about expanding what you have wrote by telling your truth and publishing it? We are also "Shelter in place in the DFW area."

The Most disliked writer on Publish0x

27 Feb 2020 Sutra

27 February 2020
I completely understand the issue of tenses, structure, and other literary "do's and dont's." I had publishers editors and a host of others tell me the same thing when I started sharing my writings. After years of hearing the same complaints, I started using Grammarly and recently learned about Hemmingway Editor. Both are easy to use and helpful. After my first published book (publisher kept the money and I never got paid), I decided to learn and teach myself to self-publish and make sure I retain my ownership/rights. I have written several erotic stories on different platforms and even published an erotic book. Please keep writing and be yourself. Your style of writing is what will set you apart from everyone else.

Upwork... SCAM? Raising awareness about a complex Upwork SCAM

20 Feb 2020 cwolfe211

22 February 2020
I know and understand your situation which is why I am going to help you learn to do it yourself and save money. Think outside the box. Don't believe what people tell you that you need to have a lot of money to self-publish. I have done the research and have proof that all it takes is creativity to start. I will post the link to self-publish for eBooks and print on demand (Yes it is free) via Amazon (My Company A.M. Styles Enterprises has partnerships with both Amazon and Google as content creators). Setup your account with Amazon, make sure that you read the instructions carefully to ensure you follow their requirements for formatting the book(s). You can use their basic cover designs to start off or you can create your own. I create all my covers/images so that I retain the rights for every part of the book. For editing use Grammarly or Hemmingway Editor if you need help with structure. I learned all of this after wasting hundreds of dollars on my first book with a so-called publishing company that kept my money from all the sales. I learned my lesson. Now I research and offer my services by teaching people how to be the complete owner of their content. The next thing to do to help raise funds faster is to set up a youtube channel or find out where you can have an account to leak to the brave community for you to be a content creator. Once you decide where or what platform you want people to see your content you will be on your way. Next, apply for content creators and link the accounts. Once the content creator account is active, you can then start "tipping" yourself from your mobile phone (because you are a content creator) and those BAT rewards are now accessible for you to claim and use/cash out. Your significant other can then also "tip" your creator account from their mobile device(s). I hope this helps get you started. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help.

Upwork... SCAM? Raising awareness about a complex Upwork SCAM

20 Feb 2020 cwolfe211

22 February 2020
I have written about everything, hence the name A.M. Styles (All My Styles). Whatever hits me I write about. Personally I don't want to be labeled as a one style author. I guess the one that brought me the most attention would be the book on CRPS/RSD. One of the Medical Directors at St. Judes had all his doctors under him read my book to gain insight and a deeper understanding about CRPS/RSD but more along the lines of the patients point of view and how we struggle.

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Chadwick Boseman

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Are big banks spending millions to keep Crypto out of your hands?

28 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments TrendingNow

Although they grow more popular by the day, cryptocurrencies are not without their controversy. Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCash have become notorious for their supposed facilitation of crime, but have you ever wondered if there is more to...

Coinbase will start issuing loans in Fiat secured by bitcoins

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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced a service of lending in Fiat secured by bitcoin. The service will be available to customers in 17 us States. At the initial stage, the maximum loan amount will be $20,000 per client, and the total amount of...

6 Most Promising Proof-Of-Stake Projects in 2020 for Staking

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12 Best Decentralized Social Media Networks in 2020

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Explaining the new changes in Publish0x

7 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments deleted000032

Today, 3 important changes were made to the platform. These are: an new tipping token, an increase in the minimum withdrawal, and a big increase in the rewards.   1) New tipping token: Ethereum (ETH) From now on, you can earn Ethereum (ETH) for readi...

Zcash has risen in price by 12%: analysts have determined the target levels of ZEC growth

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Tezos Prepares for Explosive Growth: Why XTZ Will Overcome $ 3.3 Resistance

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The Tezos (XTZ) trend has shown strength over the past few days. The asset price has stabilized above $ 3 amid general industry consolidation. Over the past weekend, Tezos, like most altcoins, depreciated under the influence of an unexpected BTC pri...


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