How to trade XEM

How to trade NEM?

By Michael Selge | 7b crypto broker app | 29 Jul 2021

NEM is a blockchain platform, the main task of which is to create a truly decentralized crypto economy with the elimination of the problem of property inequality inherent in most financial models. 

How to trade NEM?

What is NEM (XEM)? 

NEM developers claim that their project offers one of the most optimized and secure distributed transaction registry technologies among all existing peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchains. According to them, the NEM cryptocurrency is ten times faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The NEM platform is based on a public payment blockchain system, the main advantages of which are high transfer speed and minimal fees. Also smart assets are implemented (the analogue of Ethereum smart contracts). They are used to develop decentralized applications (dApps), tokenize assets, and create asset management systems. They can be written in any language that is convenient for the developer. The NEM cryptocurrency network is based on a unique Proof-of-Importance (PoI) algorithm that ensures a fair distribution of commission payments between the eligible participants.

Why should I trade NEM? 

In the first year of its existence, the value of one XEM coin was stable around about $0.002. But in January 2018, thanks to the release of new updates, the price reached a record value of $1.8 and those who managed to invest at least $10 in the purchase of XEM, were able to earn about $9,000. Then the price of XEM fell to $0.03 until it jumped again in March 2021 and was trading at $0.7. At the moment (June 21, 2021), you can buy XEM at $0.1. And its market capitalization is about $1,103,174,450. Now is the best time to buy XEM, use the buy the dip strategy and store coins on a secure wallet, monitoring the price chart in trusted sources.

Why should I trade NEM?

Where to trade NEM? 

XEM cryptocurrency is quite popular and with good liquidity. The project has passed the listing procedure on the most popular exchanges and brokers, the best of them are:

  • Bittrex – a world-renowned broker that provides fast and secure transactions.
  • 7b crypto broker app – a reliable and simple broker that provides more than 2000 cryptocurrencies for trading at the most favorable rates.
  • Binance – the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, provides reliable and secure transactions. 

How to trade NEM using the 7b crypto broker app? 

Wondering how to buy or sell XEM 24/7? 7b crypto broker app is glad to offer you such a service. The 7b team tries to make XEM trading understandable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience. To trade XEM follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up for your 7b account and complete the verification process.
  2. Transfer the funds to your account.
  3. Select a suitable trading pair, such as BTC/XEM.
  4. Send the required amount of the selected cryptocurrency.
  5. Success!


Is NEM a good investment? 

Yes, although the coin is not currently at its peak and is trading at $0.1, but this is the time to buy the dip. Since in its repertoire there is a sharp increase in the cost to $1.8. You can invest a small part of the funds and significantly increase the amount.

How do I invest in NEM? 

You can invest in XEM using a reliable 7b broker. Sign up for an account, transfer funds, select a trading pair, and confirm the transaction. Withdraw XEM to a secure wallet and store it until the next price increase.

How to trade NEM for beginners? 

Set the optimal stop loss and take profit levels for each trading strategy. With 7b, you can easily start trading even without any experience. Log in to your account, deposit funds, find XEM in the search bar and select the desired action, confirm the transaction.

What is NEM Blockchain?

NEM (XEM) is an open source cryptocurrency written in Java, JavaScript, and C++. One of the directions of the NEM project is an open-source cryptocurrency blockchain platform that runs on the Proof-of-Importance algorithm, and has the ability to send encrypted messages.

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