How Polkadot Promotes Mass Adoption of Web3 during the WebSummit

By 727 Ventures | 727-ventures | 29 Nov 2022


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward,” Steve Jobs famously said. "You can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

The same is true for Markian Ivanichok and all the team. We genuinely believe that people own and control the future, which is decentralized. We aren’t fate tellers, though, so we can’t predict every next move of the novel and fast-growing industry. Instead, we are strong supporters of open, autonomous systems and are committed to bringing web3 to everyone. We are glad that Polkadot was formally introduced at Web Summit 2022.

Many tech experts are unaware of the advantages of blockchain, although it is a powerful environment for many initiatives that are destined for success. Polkadot ecosystem doesn’t need to be marketed because it is a standalone solution in its field that is trusted by many projects. Yet, we’ve scheduled several meetings with leading tech startups, well-respected web agencies, and large businesses. To facilitate a shift from web to web3, we must continue to share our knowledge and enthusiasm.

“Our mission and vector of work is the mass adoption of the web. It is why we present Polkadot at a large-scale web event like Web Summit to combine the tech of the future with the present.”

Markian Ivanichok, CEO at, Brushfam and Dedali Metaverse


The distributed web in general and the Polkadot blockchain in particular have definitely benefited from Web Summit. The Polkadot Ecosystem’s 56 members represented 6 teams that demonstrated the potential of decentralized technologies and forged new, fruitful alliances. With more than 2900 tweets (follow #Polkadot_in_Lisbon), outdoor advertising (188K+ interactions), and coverage on crypto media (193K+ views), we grew the active, loyal Polkadot community.

89e1be08688c5dfc70821cb0759d76c6a2b85a5a90dd130c3813140412f2b1d3.jpg presented at Polkadot booth along with the following projects: Exosama, T3rn, Gear, Dedali Metaverse, and the KILT protocol. Among others, there was William Richter, SORA community member. He spoke about the potential of money that blockchain technology introduced. According to him, a new supranational economic system can help elevate money. SORA was designed with this goal in mind to unite people across the globe for productive collaboration.

Is Polkadot the next step in Web3 adoption?

Due to its open environment nature, the Zero-Layer protocol thrives. For this reason, Polkadot is open to newcomers and encourages suggestions for development. For instance, invests in visionaries to help them co-found amazing businesses. Our venture studio places a strong emphasis on the expansion and development of businesses. To encourage daring vision and courageous execution, we create an innovative environment and navigate you in the Polkadot ecosystem.


Is Web3 the next Web?

Despite dozens of protocols created and thousands of projects launched, web3 still needs to catch up to the mass adoption. In fact, this is what inspires us. There will come a time when web3 and “web2” converge to form just the Web. And Polkadot’s appearance at such a conference sends a powerful message to the whole IT community.

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We are a venture studio that creates, builds, and funds the next generation of web3 companies. The team of visionaries, game-changers, and masterminds who will help you to build an outstanding company. We are focused on companies that change the landscape of the markets and ecosystems on both small and big scales, those that drive the creation of web3, and those that are dedicated towards innovation done for people.

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