Drunk Stock Analysis: Ford

By 12 oz. | 6 Pack | 23 Aug 2019

Sitting on my front porch, with a beer in each hand, pondering if I have a drinking problem, my neighbor pulled up in his F-150 and I finally found my answer, Ford has some nice trucks.

Wondering if I can Go Further, I pulled out my phone and decided to do some window shopping (or is it screen shopping?) for a new truck. But I was filled with sadness, Ford was dropping in price, unlike my favorite beer, and I decided to see why Ford wasn't feeling so good.

Thinking back to my history classes, Ford was one of the pioneers in car manufacturing in the United States, since around the early 1900s. Having gone through a couple of wars and recessions, Ford never gave up, even denying government bailout back in 2008(?).

Even recently, Ford has been bullied by other companies, and even by high members of the government, because they never want to depend on the help of others and as everyone knows, this causes jealousy. Just like with my girlfriend with her friend, always putting her down because she knows that she can't get what she has. Why are they even friends? But once again, Ford doesn't fold.

Damn Karl and his new Tesla, doesn't he know that the first batch never works? Ford is just waiting patiently, to improve on the mistakes on others, and while Ford is falling behind in the millennial rechargeable cars, they will improve on what other's couldn't. (After seeing my High School yearbook, I found out I'm a millennial too, guess I need a rechargeable Ford)

Oh man, Ford stock is almost as much as a Pliny the Elder beer today. But I'm sure that Ford can Go Further with its price stock in the future.


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12 oz.
12 oz.

Do you know how hard it is to type with a beer in each hand?

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6 Pack

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