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By Vladimir94topke | 5G Network | 8 Feb 2021

Hello, dear virtual friends. First of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year. May this 2021 bring you a lot of health, happiness, love, and success at work. The year 2020 was certainly marked by Covid19, and technological achievements, thanks to the coronary virus pandemic, have increasingly begun to become an everyday part of the lives of a large number of people.

In the year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, technology has become a significant part of the lives of many people around the world.

The Internet has been used more than ever, the massification of the 5G network has begun, robots and artificial intelligence have found a much wider application in more different spheres than before the corona ...

Technological advances, those of an earlier or more recent date, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, have come to the fore and become a daily part of the lives of a large number of people.

These are some of the technological achievements that marked 2020 and laid the foundations for further development and improvement in the new 2021.

The network of all networks

The past 2021 was the largest online experiment for the whole world since the existence of the Internet - work and further education. Numerous tools that enable us to communicate digitally are experiencing an increasing expansion every day (who said Zoom ...).

What can be expected in the next step in the development of online communication is the application of technology-based on virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). Thus, in the near future, and perhaps as early as 2021, this technology could lead to interaction between people during online communication.



Over the wire shopping

During the pandemic, "Lockdown" locked the doors of shops, shopping malls, cafes, and other catering establishments, but that is why shopping over the Internet never got a stronger wind in the back.

Data from all over the world show that humanity, since the "descent of the Internet into the people" in the 1990s, has not used online shopping to such an extent. This, of course, has led to a sharp increase in supply in all areas of trade, so in the near future, we can expect even greater development of new and improvement of existing solutions in this online segment.

On two, on four points and from the air

The increase in online shopping has also led to an increased need for the distribution of goods, so delivery services that operate via the Internet and mobile applications have flourished.

There is no doubt that, when all this finally passes, many service users will keep the acquired habit of buying "online" and receive what they bought at their home address.

Thanks to all this, in addition to improving the development of ways and "tools" of communication, further development and wider use is "mixed" with different vehicles (electric, smart, autonomous, self-propelled ...) on two and four wheels, which will be delivered

This also applies to different types of drones, both flying and wheel, which are becoming an increasingly common means of delivery in various parts of the world.

Instead of touching

In the post-corona world, whose time is definitely coming in 2021, one can expect a reduction in the use of touch-controlled devices, and more and more contactless device control.

This is brought to us by the accelerated development of the speech and visual interface, ie the control of voice, movement, and gestures, the development of which was stimulated by the need to avoid touching different surfaces, in order to prevent the potential transmission of viruses.

And that means that we will see more and more elevators, doors, air conditioners, coffee machines, traffic lights ... which will fulfill what we ask of them in one word or "moment".


Print me everything you want

Corona has also shown that 3D printing technology is increasingly used in the modern world. It turned out to be a much faster way of making when it is necessary to make something in a very short time (it all started with respirator valves in Italy ...), but what is even more interesting - and much cheaper.

The technology of 3D printing was in full swing even before the crown, during the pandemic it was proven, so it can be expected that its further and certain development can lead to its reduction in price and the emergence of more compact and affordable printers for the "broad masses".

Robots, brother!

In 2020, robots experienced perhaps the greatest expansion ever and became quite important where it is not desirable for a human to be found at some point. They delivered medicines and food, disinfected patients, measured patients' temperatures ...

Robots can definitely play a key role in the "post-crown" world, both in the case of future viral pandemics and in everyday treatment, but increasingly in all situations where something needs to be done in places where human life could be endangered.

And even outside of applications for various medical purposes, modern robots have come a long way. Their current motor skills are almost getting better than human ones, and the possibilities of application are becoming more widespread.

This is, after all, best evidenced by the New Year's video of Boston Dynamics, in which its robots play a twist.

And of course, 5G!

Despite all the controversies and various conspiracy theories, but also the confessions of experts that it did not go through all the phases of research, 5G technology, and 5G networks began to expand unstoppably in 2020.

All, or at least most, of the achievements mentioned here, but also many others that are in development and those that are yet to come, will at some point rely on 5G technology. It will enable them much faster and more stable work, much greater interconnectivity, and the ability to perform more simultaneous operations.


Of course, the development of each new network technology has its "dark side", so it is expected that the improvement of the Internet, higher flow rates, and greater efficiency of their use, will be accompanied by new more advanced solutions that will also improve cyber security.


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My name is Vladimir Topalovic, I come from Serbia, exactly from Stara Pazova. I am employed and work privately

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