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Android Games 2020


By 5espectro | 5ESPECTRO TUTORIALS | 18 Apr 2020

1.- Hearthstone
Hearthstone is a TCG-style card game developed by the world-renowned Blizzard Entertainment. In it you will have to choose between 9 types of classes that determine your deck.

You can duel against other players online in real time, collect coins within the game to buy card packs or even enter special game modes, such as the Arena or campaigns where you must defeat the villains of the Warcraft universe.

If you like TCG-style games, you will definitely want to try Hearthstone. It is free, but offers in-app purchases for card packs, appearance customizations or game expansions. Access the store and download it right now!


                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!


2.- Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire is a Fortnite-style shooter and survival game. Their matches last 10 minutes and players will meet on an island with 50 other opponents. On this island you will find equipment, firearms, vehicles, ammunition and more for you to survive. In order to win a match, you must be the last survivor remaining on the island.

Users will be able to create groups of up to 4 players to have fun with their friends. Garena Free Fire is free, click the link to download it!


                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!


3-. PES 2020 Pro Evolution Soccer
Do you like football? And football games for consoles and desktop? If so, you really want to download PES 2020 on your smartphone. Easily entering the list of best Android games, in PES 2020 you will have the chance to play with the most famous teams and teams in the world. Play with internationally known clubs like FC Barcelona, Liverpool, etc.

PS 2020 is free and also allows you to challenge other players to matches.


                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!


4- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
The Grand Theft Auto (or GTA) game series is very famous and known worldwide. GTA: San Andreas was one of its biggest releases for consoles and desktop in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Now Rockstar Games, developer of the GTA games brought to mobile the full version of GTA: San Andreas with graphics and performance optimized for mobile devices.

Control the streets of the state of San Andreas and experience Carl's story directly from your smartphone. It is important to mention that GTA: San Andreas is not recommended for children under 18. Like its console and desktop version, the game is not free.


                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!


5- Minecraft
The smartphone version of Minecraft brings to your Android all the features available in the desktop game. Explore the world of Minecraft and its diverse biomes, fight zombies, skeletons, witches and other dangerous enemies. In the mobile version, access to Nether is also available, a different and dangerous world within the game. It is possible to play alone or with up to 10 other players.

Build castles, create complex mines, find diamonds and more. Like its desktop version, Minecraft is not free. Go to the store to buy it!


                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!


6- Marvel Strike Force
If you like Marvel superheroes and villains, like the Hulk, Venom, Iron Man, among others, you will love playing Marvel Strike Force. In it, you select your team of heroes (or villains!), Organize your items and go out to fight a series of enemies tactically in turn-based battles.

The company's official game has more than 10 million downloads and really draws attention by bringing all the main comic book characters. In addition, its graphics are really fantastic and careful, as the game can be quite addictive. Download it for free by accessing the link!

                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!


7- Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run is an infinite running game in which you'll be able to control classic characters from Nintendo's Mario universe. Be able to play with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Toad and other iconic characters. You control the character by tapping the screen as he continues to run continuously. Eat mushrooms to increase in size, collect coins and even defeat bosses like Bowser in this action-packed game.



                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!



8- Plants Vs Zombies 2
Plants Vs Zombies 2 has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play around the world. Build your line of defense using plants that shoot and defend yourself from the hordes of zombies that want to end everything. Find hundreds of different types of plants and zombies that make the game more dynamic and fun.

In Plants Vs Zombies 2 you will be able to battle across 11 different worlds, cultivate and improve the power of your plants and more. Download this award-winning game for free, click the link!


                                 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME!



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