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By 5espectro | 5ESPECTRO TUTORIALS | 24 Apr 2020

1 - Make good videos and make money on YouTube

A YouTube channel that gives money even starts from three basic points:
* Quality content
* A good dissemination strategy
* Number of subscribers
With this fine-tuned trio, your chances of making money with YouTube are practically guaranteed, and the return will only depend on your efforts.
In the same way that to make money on Facebook, you need, among other things, to produce quality content on YouTube so that your site can receive hits.
Your videos need to draw attention and have quality so that people can share this video and subscribe to your channel.
Now when you are asked how to make money on YouTube you will already have a good answer: Generate views. That's right, the profitability of your channel is directly related to the number of views that your videos have and therefore it is necessary to disclose a lot.
2 - Promote your channel on YouTube

The more your channel is accessed and the videos you watch, the greater your earnings will be, so the business is to attract traffic to the channel.
You should set up a good dissemination strategy on social networks mainly, such as Facebook and Instagram, so that an increasing number of people will know each time you publish a new video on your channel.
Another thing you should do is optimize your videos for search engines using SEO techniques - Search engine optimization. The concept has the same focus as the SEO done on websites, but with some specific techniques for videos.
3 - Optimize your video with SEO techniques

Another important tip for anyone who wants to know how to make money on YouTube is to apply SEO techniques to their videos.
To get views and consequently clicks on your ads, you need to be found, and for that, the first step is to submit your video to a search engine optimization process.
There are several actions and measures that you can apply to your videos that make them stand out in searches, both internal to YouTube and external, such as Google, for example.
4 - Turn your blog into an ally in the dissemination of videos

If you have a blog, another viable way to make money on the Internet, you can insert the video in your posts and thereby give even more exposure to your videos.
You will be able to follow the evolution of the accesses to your channel and the number of views using YouTube Analytics, and if necessary, promote the necessary changes to increase your visibility and performance of the ads.
Finally, also focus on creating a good base of Channel Subscribers. One of the things that every blogger knows is that subscribers to his newsletter are the visitors who most click on the website's ads, so they are a very valuable group for his business.
5. Redirecting your audience and earning a percentage of sales

A very important option for fashion and beauty bloggers and those who evaluate technological products.
Often, the companies themselves supply the goods to be tested. In the video description, the youtuber informs a website where you can buy them. If the sale is made, he earns a percentage.
It is a way for brands to take advantage of the great popularity of some producers and channels, which, in turn, monetize their comments on products.
6 - Search for technical qualification

Working with script, lighting, framing, video manager and all the paraphernalia for producing quality video is no easy task. Therefore, it is essential that you seek technical qualification.
7- Earn money on YouTube as a digital influencer

Influence Marketing is one of the main trends in digital marketing today, so for anyone who is interested in how to make money on YouTube, one of the hottest recommendations at the moment is to act as a digital influencer.
Content is important because it generates an authority in your area that is one of the main currencies of digital marketing today. I mean, one thing leads to another and to start earning money as a digital influencer on YouTube, it is necessary, as stated earlier, to generate quality content.

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