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September 14th-18th

By evgenima | School Journal | 29 Mar 2021

September 14th: If you could have any pet (even a magical creature like a dragon or unicorn), what would you want? What name would you give it? What would you do with your pet?

I would want a Unicorn.

I would name it Sparkle.

I would train it to help me do stuff and I will ride her.

And I also want a Pomeranian.

And I will name it Ash.

I will train my Pomeranian to do tricks.



September 15th: Write about a time when you accomplished something that you were proud of? What did you do? How did you feel?

Sometimes I clean my room.

I feel happy and exhausted after I finish cleaning. The same time I like how my room looks when it is clean.

I can be proud of myself when it's done. My Mom wishes I would do it more often. I wish it too, but I'm lazy for that.



September 16th: What do think the coolest job to have? Why do you think that would be cool?

I think the coolest job to have is being an animal trainer.

I think it is cool because I will be all around animals.

I also like animals a lot.

I am glad I am not allergic to any kind of animal or plant.

I can mostly train dogs, cats and horses, but I don't really know how to train horses and cats but I have dogs and I sometimes train them.



September 17th: What the best thing to do on a raining day? Do you build a fort? Who do you play with ? Do you go outside and play in the rain?

I think the best thing to do on a rainy day is drink hot coco.

Yes I do sometimes build a fort for me and my dogs on a rainy day.

I play with my dogs and toys.

My favorite toys are hatchimals and my phone I play Roblox on.

Yes I sometimes go play in the rain because I love the smell of the rain.



September 18th: If you could throw a party for the whole school what would it be? A pizza party? Movie day? What are you going to do? What will you eat?

It would be a pizza party and a Movie day too.

We would watch a movie of Spirit.

Spirit is a wild horse and the movie starts out of him being a baby then when he becomes an adult he was the leader of all the other horses.

We would eat popcorn while watching the movie Spirit.

After the movie we will go outside and play.

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