poetry by 3rd dog

By Betsy Malone | 3rd Dog Script | 13 Feb 2020

Brain Power

Brain Power


Suddenly from nowhere, silence captured my soul.

Transformation in life had taken control.

Left without speech and vision, I became cold.

But overflowing rivers threw my mind did grow.

Reflections became clearer than ever before.

A triumph and glory never to be told.

What was once my woe, is now my flight.

Finally a dawning from a long bitter night.

Sparkles of Hope were in dreams of daylight.

Armed fully for battle I near the fight.

All are on time, balance, and rhythm right.

Four seasons, I shall speak and gain my sight.

Poem by 3rd Dog 1990

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Betsy Malone
Betsy Malone

I'm a writer who produces creative content for the mass media. Founder: 3rd Dog Script. Find me on Twitter @BA777one or TradingView betsy247

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