The Flow of Money

By 3GxD | 3GxD | 22 May 2020

Don’t Obsess Over Money

It’s so easy and fun to see your money coming into your accounts. It’s enjoyable to watch the number go up and scary to watch the number go down. Does the number in the database care about you? Is it watching you watch it? Don’t obsess over money.

If you’re like me, it’s pleasurable to look at your account(s) and see what’s going on there. You set financial goals and feel more at ease because of it. This is very easy to do with a bank called Simple. There, you have a “Safe to Spend” telling you just that. By being organized with it, you set up your expenses and goals and the rest is pretty much on auto-pilot. This gives you a relaxed sense and feeling about the money sitting in your bank account.

There is nothing inherently wrong with doing this and becoming financially responsible is super important. That’s not what this post is about.

Is checking yr $ account the new checking yr E-mail?

I am not sure how many times per day I check all of my accounts. It’s good to have a sense of what’s going on over there, but it’s important to not let it control you. We often give our power away to things such as money. When we give our power away we are saying that this number in this database defines me. The same can be comparable to a job you may have. You may think to yourself, this job is me — it defines my character. When people say to you “so, tell me about yourself”, quite often our first response is our career. This is somewhat normal, but it’s really only just one piece of the puzzle.

What’s the first thing that you check in the morning? Is it your social media? E-mail? Your bank account? Crypto wallets? It’s healthy to provide some separation of these things. It’s okay to check them because you’d be deemed as insane if you didn’t these days, but try not to let them consume you. It’s so easy to obsess over things such as money. I know I am guilty of this a lot. I sit on my laptop looking at where my money is coming and going — even if that money is a trickle or a full-on waterfall.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Money

If you are into crypto, it’s fun to check the price of bitcoin and your favorite alts every day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the emotional rollercoaster of money. Money and emotions aren’t always a match made in heaven. When you get more money, you are happier, less stressed, and can buy more things — you can enjoy life a little more. When you lose money, are in debt, and can’t pay your bills — you are more stressed about life. These are all important factors but not 100% true. Could you live life regardless of the number in the database or on the blockchain? Of course, you can! If you lost all your money today, what would you do with your life? How would you live? Would you become a vagabond and travel the World? What skills could you gain regardless of income or having a stash of cash? What would become most important to you? This is a super interesting thought exercise to explore in your mind or written down as well. If money was no longer a source of power for you, where would you choose to center your life?

Wanting More Money

Is it okay to want more money? I think so. It’s probably human on some level. And maybe everyone is a little greedy in their own right and just likes to have their own. Money opens doors, or can at least. But it’s important to note, different doors can still open with a lack of money — albeit in different ways. It comes down to being creative. If you are struggling right now, I certainly empathize with your situation. It’s never fun not having money. It fucking sucks. I have been broke countless times before and there is no guarantee it won’t happen again. What’s different now is that I’m learning to understand money more. How does it work? What purpose does it serve? Why does it exist in the first place?

Where to Focus Your Efforts

Wanting to make more money is boring af. When you set your goals to just make more money that is really just a yawn fest when people express this. It doesn’t exactly ignite something inside of you. You are just a doge chasing its own tail. Yah look like a damn fool! And by doing so, you will behave in ways that just don’t align morally or spiritually really at all.

I think it’s best to focus your efforts on more interesting things. Focus on your story and what you are contributing rather than the money it will bring. For me, that is focusing on content creation. I want to put out quality stuff to share with you all. I want to put aside my own needs and just really create something of value. Am I perfect? No. The important thing for me is when I get distracted by the almighty dollar, to turn my attention elsewhere. To focus on what really matters. To care about things that actually mean something to me. I want to steer my mind away from money and towards the fun. Writing is fun. Writing is interesting. Writing is my mind and thoughts gathering together to create something new. It is very exciting to me to speak to reality when writing — to better understand it. I plan to write to reality every day to form a stronger bond with our relationship. I also am very excited to further comprehend the relationship between cardio and content creation. I can’t wait! This is going to be a hell of a fun year experimenting with this and seeing where it takes me! The emphasis being on contribution and helping others.

Money Stays Here

When you die, the money stays here. Let that sink in. Your money doesn’t define you. You aren’t your money. Money flows through people. If you want to better your money situation, work on your social interactions. With that said, don’t just work on your social interactions so that you can then receive the money. That’s defeating the purpose and point. Do this: create from a pure place. Create with the sole intention of helping someone. You may or may not know this person. Just focus on helping and healing. Let the words and thoughts flow through you. Learn as you go. Enjoy the process. Trust the process. Trust the Universe. Let go. Connect. It’s just you and the Universe. What do you want to say?

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