3DK RENDER Monthly Update #2 (April 2021)

By RadaQuest | 3DKRender | 10 May 2021

Hello travelers!! Welcome to another month with us!

April was a wild month a lot of changes happened and we continue growing a lot! thanks to all the new people that have been following us, we are working nonstop, so let's start

This is the 3DK RENDER Monthly Update #2 April 2021 summarizes our social media, community, and part of our tools traffic, if you haven't joined it don't worry all links are here below and you can go to the party anytime...we are waiting for you.😀



Configure the creation of an NFT from other NFTs.

Our smart contract has been rocking sky and now you can interact with it through the interface of Neftyblocks projects have been creating incredible recipes, overflowing with creativity in each one of the collection with all blend recipe generated, creating utility in the ecosystem and making use of not so popular nfts to create new opportunities.




April Metrics

Total Blends(recipes): 1080
Total Nfts Minted: 16319
Total Nfts Burned: 46560



3DK Render Social Media Recap


We have grown a lot this month, our community is growing, with all the activities we are doing, this month we saw the need to create more social networks specifically for "3DK Render" as a way to show the work done and the goals achieved with our products, We firmly believe that community is the foundation of every ecosystem.


3DK Render Main

Discord: 765 members (March 2021: 400)
Instagram: NEW
Instagram Spanish: NEW
Telegram: NEW
Telegram Spanish: NEW



Twitter:  729 followers (March 2021: NEW)
Instagram: 121 (March 2021: NEW)
Telegram: 208 members (March 2021: 49)


Publish0x: 28 followers (March 2021: NEW)
Steemit: 287 followers (March 2021: 286)


Spanish space

As much of our community is Spanish speaking, we have started weekly podcasts in our discord, "3DK Render WAX Academy" to help all new to understand everything about the WAX ​​ecosystem so that they can function better in all areas. , you can find a playlist on youtube



Don't forget to join our community you may find something special to learn!! see you in the next one 🔮


About WAX

WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade virtual items. WAX has created a complete set of blockchain-based tools that allow anyone to exchange digital or even physical items instantly and securely, with anyone, anywhere. Since 2017, WAX has facilitated the trade of more than 100 million digital items.
For more information, visit wax.io and follow them on Twitter and Telegram.

What is 3DKRender?


3DK Render is a block producer team for WAX Blockchain involved in several projects like Rada Quest TCG, WAX Arena, and Blenderizer.

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Meet our creations:

Gamified auctions on WAX Blockchain created by 3DK Render. Win NFTs with the highest bid or earn overbid commissions.
Website | Twitter | Smart Contract | Testnet

Configure the creation of an NFT from other NFTs.
Website | Twitter | Smart Contract | Testnet

Rada Quest is a fantasy trading card game over WAX Blockchain.
Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Steemit | Publish0x
Collection stats AtomicHub
Active Game Art Drops Part 1 | Part 2


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Rada Quest is a Fantasy Trading Card Game over WAX Blockchain, Game Art #NFTs Available Now.


3DK Render is a block producer team for WAX Blockchain involved in several projects like Rada Quest TCG, WAX Arena, and Blenderizer.

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