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3air recently announced the partnership with the multichain network SKALE. 3air believes SKALE uses the right approach in creating a secure and infinitely scalable blockchain that will help 3air achieve its full potential.

At 3air, they aim to connect millions of people to broadband internet, heavily focusing on Africa. This is why 3air sets high standards in selecting its new blockchain partner. The team analyzed and evaluated more than a dozen blockchains on their decentralization, security, scalability, developer and user friendliness, additional utilities, communities and future potential. SKALE network came out as the clear winner.

3air started integrating with SKALE immediately and is looking to deploy the first smart contracts soon after their V2 mainnet launch to be fully compatible with all the upcoming new features. SKALE V2 code has already been completed and is now in the process of QA and auditing and scheduled for deployment in March 2022. During this time, 3air will already be developing on a SKALE test network.


High scalability


SKALE offers several unique features. The one that stands out the most is how SKALE approaches scalability. 3air will get a dedicated blockchain on SKALE with its own dedicated resources. This means that no other project can congest the platform, slow down  transactions or drive the transaction fees sky high. 3air will be working in its own ecosystem, tightly connected with other projects on the SKALE network, but not influenced by the activity on other platforms.


Zero end-user gas fees


The main goal at 3air is to bring connectivity to developing countries. Building fast and reliable broadband infrastructure is one part, but the other is making the services as easily accessible as possible without high transaction fees. SKALEs unique feature is zero end-user gas fees. This means that users will be free to make any and all transactions on the 3air platform without being charged any transaction fees. This is a huge benefit for accessing low-cost services on a regular basis, like paying for a 3air monthly broadband internet subscription or TV.


Extra security


Regarding security, SKALE run their blockchain on top of Ethereum’s proven security mechanism and deploy their own PoS consensus mechanism, run by more 150 nodes that are secured by $370M of $SKL tokens staked. The network provides proven security and cutting-edge features like threshold encryption, preventing front-running and MEV attacks. The short block times with instant finality are the cherry on top of this amazing ecosystem.


Fully EVM compatible


SKALE is 100% Ethereum compatible. This means that  developers, proficient in EVM and Solidity, will not need to adopt a new developer ecosystem. They can use a programming language that they know well and all the tools they are familiar and experienced with. This brings with it major cost reductions and shorter development times. EVM compatibility also means that 3air will be interoperable with a vast ecosystem, running dApps and liquidity.

Naturally, the easiest and most efficient way of cross integration comes from other projects on SKALE. There are over 100 projects waiting to deploy on the upcoming V2 mainnet. Integrations with these projects will again feature zero transaction fees and instant transaction finality.


On-chain interoperability


Natively supported functionalities are the next step in interoperability. SKALE offers native on-chain storage, on-chain randomness generator, oracles and advanced multisig capabilities. The feature 3air is most looking forward to and places great value in is a FIAT onboard and offload ramp. Easily integratable through APIs, this will allow 3air to accept FIAT payments through Credit Cards, bank transfers and other payment methods. Users will be able to buy and exchange the 3air token officially through their backend without having to go through any other third-party exchanges. This is propelling usability of blockchain to the next level and cuts additional costs the user may incur while needing to onboard liquidity through other exchanges or blockchains.

Finally, there is an exceptional team behind SKALE with the openness to new and exciting ideas and the readiness to help. The belief that blockchain space should move forward in joint efforts and support is something we have felt at every step of our interactions with SKALE. We are thankful for all the support we have received and see a great future moving forward in connecting the next billion to the internet and to blockchain, together with SKALE network.

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3air is a decentralized telecom platform connecting people of Africa with broadband. Please visit 3air.io for more information.


(content reposted by a project enthousiast from 3air.io with permission of 3air.io)

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3air-Limitless connectivity. Unlimited potential.
3air-Limitless connectivity. Unlimited potential.

With its proprietary technology 3air brings affordable, high-speed, and stable broadband internet, digital TV, and IP telephony to the under-connected people and businesses in developing countries.

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