PixelPotus: A President Themed Trading Card Game on Tezos

By 2sats | 2sats | 8 Nov 2021

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What is PixelPotus?

PixelPotus is a president themed NFT game running on the Tezos blockchain and one of the most used dApps there according to DappRadar. You can collect and trade trading cards of the Presidents of the United States and use them in a game. All 45 presidents from Washington to Biden are included in the game and can be collected. The trading game itself hasn't launched yet but because you can currently claim one free trading card NFT per day there are already many people in the PixelPotus community and there will be many players. What I like about the trading cards is that they will not only be fancy jpegs that can be screenshotted like most NFTs, but have actual utility that cannot be copied even if it is just for a game.




The game

The game isn't available yet but it will launch soon. The game will be a turn based strategy game called "POTUS Debates", where players try to exhaust the other players fortitude (basically both health and mana) while protecting their own, by trying to win over the crowd that will be in a random mood each time a game starts.

Each player picks one legendary or unique POTUS with different special abilities, that can be rented or bought, and 15 "debate tactics" which will also be NFTs that are not available right now. Such debate tactics will be based on classical and modern debate strategies and will be used for Good Faith and Bad Faith arguments, which will be both used to attack and defend and they get different power ups for depending on what mood the crowd has.

It will be possible to play the game against other people and to win money prices with the native PXL token and there will be a campaign mode where you play against all the presidents in reverse order where you can also win PXL tokens or rare debate cards.

The game is patiently anticipated and it will be likely very popular thanks to the ongoing NFT airdrop.


The trading cards

The total number of different trading cards for each president is capped at 10,000 common ones and they are designed to become rarer over time because upgrading a card to a higher, more valuable level requires you to burn multiple cards. If you want to get an uncommon Richard Nixon, you need to collect and then burn 2 common Nixons. If you want to get a rare Nixon, you need to burn 2 uncommon ones and so on.





This not only makes the trading cards more valuable the higher they are in the ranking, but it makes all cards more valuable if the game is played a lot because even common once become fewer due to burning. Anyone who manages to mint a unique level POTUS, which can only be done once per president, receives a 25% pay out from the treasury that collects a part of the fees on the platform. The devs claim that such pay outs will be up to 10x the amount of money used to mint them and you get to keep an unique NFT that is not only a jpeg but can actually be used in a game.

The NFTs are guaranteed to stay rare and become rarer because the smart contracts don't let the devs mint more cards of a POTUS, change their upgrade requirements, change any fees or access the treasury. The only thing they can do is add new presidents every time a new one is elected, but only according to the existing rules, and possible change the design of the trading cards in the future.

You will need at least a legendary level POTUS to be able to play games with it, but if you don't have any you can rent them for a small fee in PXL tokens. This also means that owners of legendary or unique NFTs can earn passive income.


How to get trading cards?

Currently you can claim one common level trading card for free per day just by paying the gas fee. This is available until all common NFTs are distributed and each new added POTUS will be airdropped for free in the same way. There is also a marketplace on the PixelPotus site where users can trade their NFTs for other cards or XTZ. In the near future there will also be way to rent a POTUS so you can use legendary or unique ones without having to buy them.




The PXL Token and the pxlDAO Token

PXL is a utility token for the PixelPotus ecosystem but also beyond that because the devs plan to build more blockchain games on Tezos where the token can be used. It can be used to pay for in game assets and services in their projects. It will be used to play P2P battles and to reward the winner of the game with most of the betted tokens. They will also be used to reward campaign players. Holders of the token will maybe receive airdrops for future games.

The token has a supply of 100,000,000 of which 1% was airdropped to PixelPotus collectors, 15% were sold in a private sale, 10% are put aside for initial in game rewards, 5% was available for farming on Crunchy and about 70% of the supply is held by developers or put aside for marketing and the like. So it’s very much centralized.

pxlDAO will be used for voting on decisions of the team behind PixelPotus to help decide the future of this game and the other ones they plan to build. It is not really a true governance token because PixelPotus is not a DAO but very centralized so it only gives very limited voting rights but it will also be used to unlock special perks and its utility will hopefully grow. You can only get it by farming it on Crunchy and it has a limited supply of 1,000,000.




Final Thoughts

The game seems like it could be fun and will likely attract a lot of people which could make the NFT trading cards very valuable since they will become rarer and have actual utility, or at least more than any random jpeg that is minted as NFT. The PXL and the pxlDAO token seem like very bad investments to be honest, but they don't have to be investments, they are mainly used for utility in a game.

There are still almost 50% of all common NFTs that are being offered to everyone for free once per day and you have nothing to lose by claiming them, so maybe you should start collecting them because even if you sell them instantly you can get about 0.125 XTZ per free POTUS.



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