Disappointment! - After Last Season in Rabona Football Manager DApp

By chorock | 2F Finance and Future | 5 Jan 2021

Rabona is a football manager game built on the hive blockchain. I met with this game 2 weeks ago. I played it 2 season yet. Yesterday Season 13 has ended!

I played this season very well. I was the leader in my league before last match!!!


I was leader and Merluzo was second in the league before last match. Me and Merluzo lost matches last week and TRABZONSPOR completed this season leader! I was a disappointment for me. The algorithm of the game disappointed me!!!

I will give a chance for Rabona and will play next season.

I hope I will complete this season being leader!

Havent you heard about Rabona?

Here is the link you can play!!!


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