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By lioha369 | 1minRead | 11 Jul 2020

  • While Bitcoin is in the side trend, the stock market is growing. The S&P500 index added 30 points while NASDAQ Composite keeps setting new highs and closed this week at $10617.


Another all-time high record set by the company Tesla, closing this week at $1544 for one stock. Thus the capitalization of the company, for now, is more than $286 billion.

  • The FATF compiled a report, which called stablecoins as a possible threat to fiat currencies and noted that they are more suitable for mass use than cryptocurrencies. Apparently the governments, banks, and financial regulators realize that crypto is the new money and don't want to lose this battle adjusting accordingly.



  • The head of Binance Changpeng Zhao posted on Twitter the process of using a proprietary crypto card 💳


He said that the user pays in BNB, and the seller immediately receives payment in fiat currency. According to the screenshot, the crypto card supports payments in BNT, USDT, and BNB.

Recall that earlier Binance published crypto card information on the site, but then quickly deleted it. The media suggested that the announcement accidentally hit the network ahead of schedule.



  • On July 10, ETH developer Justin Drake said that there were problems switching to the POS algorithm, but Vitalik Buterin did not agree with him.

    Justin Drake believes that due to the unavailability of the main test network with support for the main ETH clients, the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 phase zero is postponed to a later time. Therefore, it may not happen this year.

    In response to this statement, Vitalik Buterin said that from a network point of view, Ethereum 2.0 is easier than the first version of the blockchain. Therefore, he sees no reason to spend more time on launching version 2.0 than was spent on the first version of the blockchain.

    To be honest, despite all the optimism of Buterin, he did not name any dates.


  • WikiLeaks has added payment support to its store WikiLeaks.shop through the Lightning Network as it was announced on the official twitter account.


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