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1BTC Project - Noise Social Media

By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 3 Mar 2023

We are all here because we have seen cryptocurrency slowly build interest over the year. Along side the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the emergence and pervasiveness of social media platforms also grew. Social media platforms and cryptocurrencies are byproducts of the internet age. Developing a platform where users can connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences and knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency world seems like a necessity. 

I was invited to Noise by Publish0x user Katerinaramm give her a follow, she's great. She's also active on Twitter. 

Noise is Twitter but you can tip other users with crypto currency. So it is Twitter mixed with Publish0x. Similarly to Publish0x, Noise allows you to donate three types of currency Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, and Bitcoin Cash BCH. Unlike Publish0x if you want to donate you do it from your own accounts and not the pool resource. Also there is no sharing of the donation. 

Publish0x developed a less than perfect but effective way to incentives both readers and providers of content. Noise provides no incentive to be active. The hope is that someone likes your content enough that the donate to you. It is mostly users dumping anything. Articles from better paying sites or just personal pictures. It lacks and identity and raison d'etre. Twitter is more fun. Publish0x pays more consistently for both content creators and content consumers. Noise feels like a liminal space. Its users are just passing through.

I don't like writing about a crypto service until I can pull my tokens off of it. But I don't think I ever will see a red cent from Noise. Admittedly I have not been using it consistently but in the months I have been using Noise on and off I have received one donation. To add insult to injury this happened: 


The crypto never made it to me even after I linked my wallet.

I do not think Noise is worth your time. You can make more money posting here on Publish0x, you can have a lot more fun and meet more people on Twitter. Ironic to name your platform Noise when there isn't anyone hanging out on it. I give Noise 1 out of 5 stars. Skip this one.



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