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By 2MFTProductions | 1BTC | 14 Apr 2024

A few days ago I wrote a short post on how disappointing it is that the folks over at SWEAT economy keep making more and more cheap decisions. I took down that post to write this one, because yesterday the developers sent over an email outlining another facet of bullshit. Not only are they forcing me to claim my SWEAT tokens on a regular basis, but the powers that be are going to erase the tokens if the go unclaimed for more than 30 days. 

The following is the original 'SWEAT is bullshit' post. A summary of the email is after the original post.

I have been complaining about the changes to the SWEAT Economy ecosystem for a while now. As the month continue to tick by, not much progress has been made on the project and very little appreciation has occurred in the token - not that I am really keeping track anyways. 

It seems like every update doesn't get the project any further towards the perceived goal of going live, but takes steps (pun intended) towards turning the project closer to the Pi Economy ad platform front with a step counter gimmick. Like The Undertaker coming out as a Biker; it may be necessary to fit the times but it just doesn't feel as genuine. 

A few updates ago, SWEAT added a feature that forced uses to open the app and claim their earned tokens. A high number of active users make for a more fun meeting with investors. Obviously this is a minor annoyance, but I interpreted it as a sign of lean times at HQ.


Not to be outdone. This newest annoyance is a classic. I've complained at the nickel and diming being done. The charging of gas fees to do basically anything in the app. Gas for governance votes. Gas to claim rewards for the 'watch an ad' reward wheel. Gas to open a Grow Jar. Gas for everything. The devs need to cool it before America decides to invade!

But the development team are benevolent rules. You've walked many miles to earn your SWEAT tokens. The devs have now laid out a choice you you to reap your rewards. Pay the arbitrary gas fee that they imposed without explanation or watch an ad and they will very kindly waive the gas fee. How generous. Akin to Nero fiddling while Rome burned; the situation keeps getting worse but at least you can hear a stupid little song sometimes.


If I hadn't started already I would not start now that's for sure.

As previously mentioned almost immediately after my post about the SWEAT economy getting worse by the day, they sent out an absolute troll email.


You read that correctly. Your sweat can now evaporate. In under one year the developers went from no one can remove your SWEAT tokens from you, they are yours, and crypto is about ownership; to if you don't use it you lose it. 

And I get that this is them adding another step to the earning process, but come people. If you want to be the Pi Economy folks just do it already.

This is the body of the email: 


and if you click here:


How long until they evaporate the tokens of inactive users? All the while I can't move my tokens onto an exchange to get any value out. 

I repeat; if I hadn't already started I would not start now. All this trouble for a token that moves in lockstep -pun intented- with bitcoin. 

Keep Building.

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Keep building!

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