1 BTC Project - Rollercoin Progress Report.

By 2MFTProductions | 1BTC | 19 Apr 2024

For the past few months I have been dedicating a few hours per day to Rollercoin. It is a funny beast. I think its a quirky idea and I hope it works out. However it is slow. Especially since I don't really want to do more surveys. I am burnt out on surveys. It sucks that they are the backbone of earning online. 

Essentially Rollercoin is a mining simulator. You get an avatar and a room to build your mining set up. In the room you can line up shelving units, and on those shelves you can display your crypto miners. The more crypto miners you have running, the more crypto you mine. 

You have to build up your mining room and capacity slowly. First by adding shelves and miners and then but maximizing space and productivity. Your first room has slots for 12 sets of shelves. Shelves come in 2 flavors; three row or four. Each row shelf has 2 spaces. Miners take up either 1 space or two. Often the 2 space miners are more powerful, but not always. 

Making sure you have the optimum mining set up is key. Don't have mining rigs on the sideline, if you can help it. 

You add capacity by adding mining rigs or by merging two of the same type of miner. 

You can select what token your mining rig spits out. As a proof of concept I chose BTC to start (for obvious reasons), but you can choose to from 16 different coins including their proprietary Roller token (RLT) -which can be used to buy in game items or exchange for cyrpto or powerups or even shelving units- and their in game currency Season Tokens (RST) which can be used in the season store. 

Upon sign up they encourage you to download the app. When you do they give you your first mining unit. I don't use the app because it kicked me out too often. Call me a boomer because I am addicted to the desktop. But with a mining rig up and running you will be ready to start building your snowball. 

How do you make progress? Well, that's the fun part. You play silly early 2000s style flash games. They are no longer than a minute and have a fun retro pixel art styling. Every time you win a game you have a chance of winning a reward. Most of the time its a power hold on the game, but you can win a mining unit, in game currency, or even a temporary boost to your mining rate. 


As an incentive to play their games there is an occasional points accumulation challenge. Each game tracks its level independently. Every time you beat the game 3 times you gain a difficulty level in that game. When the weekly challenge is on, the player is rewarded a number of points each time a level is gained. You fill up the points bar, you get a prize. The prizes get better every time you fill the points bar. 


This is Dr. Hampster. It plays exactly like Dr. Mario. It is one of my favorite games because you can rip through it in under a minute. 

The quickest way I have discovered to rapidly increase your mining capacity is as follows:

1. Set your mined token to the Season tokens (RST).


Although you are now foregoing some value IRL crypto gains. This will pay dividends. You will be earning in season tokens constantly. The objective is to earn 750 RST as quickly and as often as possible. 

2. Complete the low-hanging fruit daily challenges.


This will gain 60 RST per day. Doing just this will get you to 750 RST in under 2 weeks.

On top of whatever bonuses given for gaming (mining boosts, batteries, or miner) an addition knock on effect is you will achieve 2 weekly challenges as well adding 55 RST to your weekly total. 


3. Buy the Season Box


Once you have amassed 750 RST spend it on the Season themed box in the season store. You will be buying a powerful miner making step one more effective. 

Rinse and repeat. 

I mentioned it is slow, and it really is. The good news its also kind of fun. To make a Bitcoin withdrawal you have to stack 0.0002 BTC. This is a fairly high thresh hold, especially for the first withdrawal. Obviously I have been tracking my progress. Every time I add or merge a miner I log my amount of BTC and my hashrate. Some of the hashrate is bonus, some is game bonuses, but my baseline mining rate increases with every new miner. The hypothesis is that the second withdrawal should arrive much quicker than the first.

I have been toying around since October 17th, 2023 and I am now approximately 20% of the way to my first withdrawal. The rate of gains have accelerated quickly as of late. Now that I no longer am tided to the financial obligation of the COIN app I have dedicated that excess time to Rollercoin. 


So far it appears that 40 games per day is the necessary. More if there is a promotion. I hope to have my first withdrawal soon. I cannot give a full review of what's going on because this could all be a huge waste of time. Stayed tuned for more.

If you want to grind along side me give Rollercoin a try:

I can't guarantee its worth your time, yet. 

Keep Building.

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Keep building!

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