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By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 12 Sep 2023

I just got back from a four day trip to the United Kingdom. Yes, that is not a lot of time to travel that far and yes I am a bit of a crazy person sometimes. This was my first trip outside of Canada since I started this project, and I was worried about how this would affect things like streaks but excited to see how I could grind for crypto while in transit. 

I got picked up from Heathrow airport by an Iranian woman, she must have been in her early 50s. As she was setting up her ways to get me into the city I noticed that she had the Binance app on her phone. A pleasant reminder that integration and permeation is happening. If I wasn't running on 0 sleep in two days I may have tried to get her onto the COIN app, Fire Faucet, or Cointiply. 

The good news is that both Shake Pay and Cointiply did work while abroad. I am very close to a 100 day Shake Streak and it would be very disappointing to lose it not. On my Cointiply account I have been using the faucet at least once per day for well over 100 days so losing that streak would reset the matching bonus. These worries were unfounded. If you have wifi while on vacation you have nothing to worry about. 

It turns out that a 6 hour airplane ride is a great place to grind some game bonuses. So I managed to make some progress in that regard. Due to me not wanted to pay roaming fees, my overall production with geomining and sweat coin has been down significantly. Also I was not able to do any surveys as I was nowhere close to my home postal code. I found that interesting.

While in the British country side I waiting until the weeks end and then I made a 5 COIN geoclaim. My logic was I was with my brother, who reluctantly geomines sometimes and I could hold dominion over that area for easy return. I was half correct. I help 100% of the area for a day. I made 65 COIN from geoclaiming - decent return - until Mondary where I got bullied right off of the map. Although I was surprised to find a user that far in the countryside, I think this is a powerful lesson. I have NEVER made a profit while using the geoclaiming feature. Probably because I live Canada's most populace city. If I lived in the countryside I could be making much easier returns and really make progress with this feature. 

Although a mini break from life, I was happy I was still able to make a little bit of crypto even though I was far from home. This does put me slightly behind pace for the month. Hopefully I can gain back lost group in the second half of September. Knowing that my streaks are not in jeopardy was a worth it. I am going to the Dominican Republic in January, and I am hoping to dominate Geoclaiming in the Caribbean

Keep Building. 

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Keep building!

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