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By 2MFTProductions | 1BTC | 9 Aug 2023

Similar to Receipt Hog, this is derivative. Cambly however is effective. It is an easy and effective way to earn money online. Cambly is more of a side hustle than a Crypto source. You talk to people over the internet so they can practice their English. 

Cambly pays $10 USD per hour of talking with students, not $10 USD per hour. I have yet to be in a lesson for all 60 minutes of an hour working, but 45 out of 60 is still worth my time. I can sit a have a chat with a student or walk them through a lesson while viewing PTC adds on Cointiply or Fire Faucet, or maybe I have a Youtube video on while I wait for the next student. 

Due to my day job being slow sometimes, I can find myself with blocks of downtime. Either early in the morning or in the evening. I often find myself needing to kill an hour while waiting for an appointment from time to time. Sometimes I need a break from a monotonous task like filing or data entry. Cambly easily fills these gaps in my schedule. I can log in for an hour or two and make some pocket money.

I only work priority hours. Which are time slots where you get fed appointments. So I will check my schedule on Monday morning to see the holes in me calendar. Then I check the Cambly calendar and fill in the gaps with any priority hours that fit. This way I know I will speak with 2-4 people in the hour and turn dead time into a few dollars.

You only get paid when you meet with a student, however students are from all over the world. Sometimes their connection is bad. If they get disconected from the call you will continue to be paid to wait for them to return. Up to 5 minutes per call. I have had numerous occasions where a 5 minute call gets dropped. That's all profit.

Payments get sent in USD to your linked PayPal account every Tuesday morning if you have $20 or more in your payment account. If you block in 3 priority hour sessions you should be able to easily reach that mark. The money arrives in your PayPal almost immediately. Transferring to a bank account is the big delay in payment (3-5 days).

$20 per week equates to $1040 per year. I currently believe I can hit between 4-10 priority hours per week without impacting my life in an meaningful way. I will be pushing for the top end of that range until I can pay off a few bills. 

I am very happy to confirm that the payments do come out.  


Because of the how flexible the Cambly scheduling is, I think it is a great tool to supplement income, and by extension fund in part or the entirety of your monthly crypto purchase. I will be using the first $5 I pull out of Cambly each month to directly purchase Bitcoin. Let me know in the comments if this should count towards my monthly spend. 

The second tranche of Cambly payments will be going towards utility bills and the last chunk will be deposited into my ShakePay account.

I will be using one of my Cambly payments in August to fund my GoMining app. So that I can review the NFT Bitcoin Miner without risking any of what I perceive as my "real money".

I give Cambly three out of five starts. I like the flexibility, and the priority hours. Unfortunately, my availability doesn't always align with the priority hours and you do not work the full 60 minutes. Payments take a while to get to your pocket, but maybe PayPal's stable coin will speed that up, this maybe also make it easier to but crypto directly off of Cambly payments. 


Keep Building.  

Referral links if you want to start earning with me:

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Referral code: zamp3695

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Shake Pay

Keep building!

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