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By 2MFTProductions | 1BTC | 18 May 2024

Its been a while since I have done a review, so we are overdue. I clicked on an add and downloaded this app. It is incredibly lazily name Bitcoin Miner. If you want to try it out download the app from Fumb Games. 

It is an idle / clicker game where you build up your 'mining' capacity by clicking on the pickaxe and earning money. You spend the money on power-ups, upgrades, and new tokens to mine. The creativity is zero. Its a reskin of every other idle / clicker game. I probably have 4 iterations on my mining phone currently.

Even the layout is uninspired.


Dime a dozen.

Unfortunately, Your mining, your tokens, and your level do not contribute to the Bitcoin earning protentional. The two ways that you can add Satoshis to your stack is by clicking on the satoshi icon that appears randomly above a token. This is how they reward you for paying attention. If the Satoshi makes it all the way to the Piggy Bank you do not earn the sat. I am unsure what the lore of this game is because I skipped the intro but I don't imagine it is too deep. The second way to get sats is to find them hiding in the store once per day.

This is not very complicated game play.

Once you have collected some Satoshis you can send them to your Zebedee wallet. I don't think there is a minimum to send, but there is a 500 Satoshi per day maximum. By the pace of home often Satoshis arrive, I don't think that will be an issue. 

I was shocked that on my first day playing this game I was able to send BTC out of the app that quickly. I bad to set up a ZBD wallet but the Sats appeared there very quickly. Obviously a review of Zebedee (ZBD) is coming.  If you wanted to jump in on this experiment my ZBD referral code is UWFARN.

This Bitcoin Miner App has three big plusses. 

1. You can move the Bitcoin off the app.

2. The withdrawal threshold is non-existent.

3. It is brain dead easy.

The MAJOR annoyance is the randomness of when a Satoshi shows up. You can play for 10 to 15 minutes and not see a Satoshi icon. Gaming for 10 minutes equates to $0.00091 CAD at time of writing. Not very time effective and the game is no where close to fun. You also have to pay attention to grab the Satoshis as they pop up. These are very big negatives. 

Time to Break the 4th wall a bit. 

A big plus for this game is that there are basically no ads. You can play indefinitely if you wanted to. I install all these sketchy apps on my burner phone for security reasons. 

On that phone I also have an Autoclicker app. The one I use allows me to program multiple clicks in a specific order. They are labelled chronologically in the screen shot below. 


Click # 1: Clicks the mining button. 

Click # 2: This picks up all the power up icons, including the Satoshi icons as the come by.

Click # 3: This closes a window that pops up when a Bonus Powerup Icon gets clicked. I think this is their way of preventing people from just clicking to same spot continuously.

Click # 4: Another mining click. I'm trying to make it look like I actually care. 

I have not really explored too much in the app yet, but maybe you can increase the Sat output. Using this Autoclick method I can mine around 100 Satoshis per day while I go about my business because its on my burner. I think I will run this for the remainder of May 2024 just for laughs. It is running while I write this blog post. I am tempted to leave it running at my office all night. The only issue is the overheating of the phone. 

I give Bitcoin Miner by Fumb Games 2 out of 5 starts. It works. You get paid in Satoshis for playing a silly idle game. The earning potential is super low, but with the autoclicker method you could theoretically daisy chain a bunch of phones tother and make a bit of money. I won't be doing this but it is possible. The autoclick makes this a viable soluation for someone with literally nothing better to do. Do I recommend it, no. If you have a spare phone and want to turn it into a very energy inefficient bitcoin miner; go for it, but its the smoothest brain passive income. 

Free money is free money.


Anyways, Keep Building.

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Shake Pay

Keep building!

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