What are Ligaments?

By STAB1995 | How to get rid of pain | 11 Feb 2021

I've already written 50+ posts and recently got the question: You often talk about muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and nerves, but what are these actually? I will briefly explain what ligaments are.

What is a Ligament?
A ligament is a ligament made of connective tissue. A ligament is connected between the two pieces of bone between a joint. You can compare a ligament with a rubber band. It stretches a bit, but also returns. Ligaments are located around almost all areas of our body.

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What is the function of a ligament?
The function of a ligament is protection. Each joint must have a certain degree of movement. joints also have a maximum of movement. Ligaments prevent this from being crossed  So that the movement does not continue. When a movement goes further than it should be, a ligament will tear or a luxation will occur in the joint.

Tearing of a ligament often happens in the ankle joint, for example, when the foot sinks in too much.

A luxation of a joint often happens at the shoulder joint, for example.

Ligaments are also involved in your posture. When you are in an inactive position, ligaments in the front "chest / ribs" will shorten and ligaments in the back "vertebrae / ribs / shoulder blade" will be at length. Ligaments can shorten to a fixed position within 30 seconds and also regain length.

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Symptoms of ligament problems

  • Morning stiffness
  • Starting pain
  • Worsening in certain postures
  • Nagging pain
  • Better with no-load movements
  • Better with loaded movements

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How to get rid of pain
How to get rid of pain

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