The importance of physical fitness is well known, and healthy lifestyle trends fall in and out of fashion. Sometimes trying a new trend can be just the spark to motivate and inspire you to keep working out. And some may change your attitude toward fitness for the rest of your life. If you haven’t already heard about these eight current fitness trends, you’ll be noticing them soon. Which will work for your workout?


Fitness enthusiasts everywhere are trying boxing to shake up their exercise routines. Some gyms are now offering classes, and many participants find that they enjoy it enough to join a boxing club or engage in competitive boxing. Boxing is a fun form of exercise that has aerobic as well as muscle building benefits, and it’s an excellent way to meet new people. For many, it’s the perfect mix of socialization, fun, and fitness.

Fitness Trackers

Bracelets and other wearable tracking devices aren’t going anywhere soon. These hugely popular trackers allow you to maximize your workout with a detailed reading of factors like time spent on the activity, the number of calories burned, and changes in pulse and breathing. Use this information to motivate yourself to work harder and to set fitness goals.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a workout style that emphasizes activities you perform in daily life. It should make reaching, bending and lifting easier. This approach to exercise is meant to challenge the entire body and build strength for everyday tasks. Improved endurance, balance, range of motion and coordination are also goals.


HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Get a powerful burst of exercise in a small amount of time with this fitness style. Designed for people who want to fit a touch workout into a busy schedule, this is a high energy program that delivers results. The key is to work out as hard as you can for short bursts of time, like running hard for one minute, then alternating that with slower exercise or even rest. This routine shocks your body into burning more fat and calories.


Online Classes

Many people give up working out because they just don’t have the time or opportunity to go to the gym. The answer is working out at home, and many gyms are offering online classes that you can take whenever they fit into your schedule. That means you don’t have to spend time driving back and forth, and you don’t have to worry about details like a babysitter.Online fitness classes can also be an excellent way to try new styles of working out without committing to a class. And you have the opportunity to take classes from some of the best instructors in the world in any location.


Senior Fitness

Exercise isn’t just beneficial to people who are young.  Elderly are having some fun and finding an improved quality of life by participating in classes and workouts created just for them. Most gyms now offer classes specifically to seniors and also organize walking clubs or exercise gatherings. An excellent way to make friends and spend time getting fit. You’re never too old to benefit from moving your body.



Stretching has always been a part of most exercise plans. But many classes are now focusing on this element on its own. The benefits beyond just being a warm-up or cool-down after physical activity. It can also help protect you from injury and increase the benefits of your more intense workouts.  Great for busting stress and anxiety.


Young fit woman stretching on yoga mat at gym







Workout in the Workplace

This fitness trend started with people turning breaks into opportunities to get fit by taking walks, climbing stairs or even lifting weights at the office. Many companies and workplaces are offering classes and exercise equipment to employees. It helps keep workers feeling mentally alert, reduces sick time and brings people together over a common goal and interest. What do you think of these eight trends in fitness? Whether you use them to add something new to your routine or take one on as a focus to your workouts, you are sure to find some benefits to following these exercise trends.


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