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Torum: A Social Media Site for the Crypto Enthusiast

By LizB_Mining | Crypto Social Media | 15 May 2021

Torum is a social media platform on which crypto-enthusiasts from around the world can discuss and connect on all things cryptocurrency from various blockchain projects to NFT's, to laughing at the latest crypto-inspired memes or videos. XTM is what will power the Torum platform.

XTM will be hosted on Binance Smart Chain as its main network, while Ethereum blockchain will act as a surrogate network. A cross-chain swapping functionality will be built for the community to use XTM (BEP-20) and eXTM (ERC-20) interchangeably.

Torum users are endearingly referred to as "Landers". One of the way that Landers are rewarded XTM for completing daily, weekly, one-time, or special missions. The following is an image depicting some of the daily missions you will see.


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In addition to this reward system, Landers are encouraged to reward each other with gifts. These gifts all hold a specific XTM value. Once you receive 20 of the same gift, you can then trade them in for a cooresponding NFT. The receiver also receives 30% of the value of the original gift. This is just one of the ways that Torum is working on making its social media platform engaging and also profitable.

Snapshot from Torum page, giftsSnapshot from Torum page, giftsSnapshot from Torum page, giftsb42994c19d567e4c89e63d76c4111bf72b6da75b8baf0ad41a8f1be0d4334c61.png

 Torum is still in the private beta phase of its rollout and before launching publicly there will be a public beta phase. Throughout these phases, there will be "new features, functionalities, and optimizations to further enhance the platform entirely." When compared to similar platforms it's clear that Torum will have advantages as well as then only one with a crypto focus.

Snapshot from Torum whitepaper v3.0

Check out the Torum Litepaper v1.0 to get a general overview and understanding and when you're ready for a bit more indeapth reading, pick up the Torum Whitepaper v3.0 to learn all of the nitygrity details.  

TORUM Whitepaper v3.0:

TORUM Litepaper v1.0: 


🛸 When you're ready to become a Lander I hope to see you on Torum! 🚀

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New to the crypto space and learning what I can - sharing what I've learned. Torum has a pretty cool social platform for crypto enthusiasts, join me there: Use referral code lizb_mining and receive 7.5 XTM

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Crypto Social Media

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