Sharing how I leverage DeFi and showing my Portfolio.

By 0xMaki | 0xMaki | 13 Jul 2019

I just learned there was a #ShowYourPortfolio contest on Publish0x so I will try to outline quickly what is currently going on in my portfolio and why it is so "bland".

One thing that makes me excited about the whole Ethereum protocol is how it is enabling so much possibilities with DeFi (decentralized Finance)


I am a big fan and currently very invested in it with dApps like dy/dx, CDP using my ETH and more.


Here is my portfolio (by Zerion) :




and here is where I stash my DAI (dy/dx) :




As you can see I mostly have ETH at the moment mainly because I am currently aiming to get 32 ETH to secure a validator spot when ETH 2.0 is out. Most of my ether has been earned online or gifted I only did a purchase of 40$ around May with my own funds.


My second assets is DAI which is use as a protection against price volatility and I can earn an interest by putting it on a platform like DY/DX. I haven't tried Compound but it is in my list I just found that it was less expensive gas wise to use this platform so far.


Third asset is MKR which is very useful when I want to go "long" or borrow against my own capital ! I do not own it in a speculative way more in utility one.


Bitcoin is part of my portfolio with around 10$ that I got by doing some Earn (Coinbase).


At the end of the day you should be holding what you think is the most interesting and has the most potential to you. In the past I have been in Stellar, BAT, 0x and there will be new tokens popping all the time.


All you need is to give yourself a goal and work towards it!


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Hello everyone I am Maki, I will write in this blog about crypto dApp, passive income, reviews and news. I want to share the best way to earn crypto easily without requiring big amount of fiat. I've been in the space since 2014, cheers!

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