Swiss Bank Seba estimates the fair price of bitcoin at $ 10,670.

By lioha369 | lioha0x | 7 Jul 2020

Swiss Bank Seba estimates the fair price of bitcoin at $ 10,670. Based on this price, the model assumes that bitcoin is currently trading at a significant discount, slightly above $ 9,100.

In a blog published last Thursday, Seba states that the model’s rating based on the same concepts as other valuation models. They make comparisons with FX space.

According to Seba, the assessment model estimates take into account the most sensitive variables, namely the number of users and monetary policy.

The number of users of Bitcoin wallets has been growing by 36% since the beginning of the year, and according to Chainalisys, the number of Bitcoin owners has exceeded 100 million. Moreover, there are more than 200 million wallets in the world (, an average of 2 per user. More than 400 thousand people use Bitcoin every day, and the number of traders has reached 53 million.

Thus, the Swiss bank Seba applied to Bitcoin a method of assessing its value, comparable to those used to evaluate other assets that are usually used by large investment banks and institutional investors. And in all respects, Bitcoin is now underestimated and has fundamental reasons for growth.


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