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You can now cash out your Brave/BAT earnings

By 0xgult | 0xcrypto | 1 May 2020

I am not sure if you guys have realized but the Brave Browser has quietly rolled out a feature where you can cash out the ad earnings from viewing all the ads into gift cards of your choice using the TAP Network.

TAP Network:

There are a variety of options for cashing out including Starbucks, Uber, Amazon and many many more retailers that we use every day!


I really don't know at this point why people would want to browse the internet with anything other than the Brave browser because even security wise Brave does its due diligence and tries to keep the user secure.

If you don't have the Brave browser yet, you can use the following link to download

Also, here is an article that I have up on my website on why you should use the Brave browser in the first place

Let me know your thoughts!

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