Major FOMO right now on Actifit token! $AFIT

By 0xgult | 0xcrypto | 2 May 2022

I have been wanting to try the #Actifit #afit app for a long time as this was one of the main get paid to walk to earn crypto projects and it also seemed legitimate even though the interface and the app were very basic and borderline crappy. I say legitimate because it seemed like you could only sync real steps through a device like iPhone or Fitbit into the Actifit app, you couldn't just enter whatever steps you wanted into it.

I somehow got around to checking the price of the $AFIT token and voila! it's at about $0.35 per token! This is pretty incredible and although I missed out on this and have massive FOMO, I am happy for the people who have been stacking these tokens every day.


So just as an example, in my research, it seems like if you had walked 10,000 steps every day and logged them into the app, it seems like you would have got paid around 50 $AFIT tokens which in today's worth is about $15 on that day just for being moderately active! That's just blowing my mind right now although the token can drop in value and it might fall to low levels which is a real possibility.

Have you been stacking $AFIT tokens? It's very heartening to see some positive news in a fully bad bear market. What are your thoughts?

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