0x Community and Governance call — January 2021

By 0x Project | 0x Project Blog | 25 Jan 2021

Every month, the 0x Labs team hosts a live video call that is open to anyone interested in learning and discussing our current community initiatives and technical roadmap. You can view previous calls on our YouTube channel and Github.

In addition to YouTube, we publish the recording here on our blog, along with the agenda, presentation slides, and relevant links to learn more.

Watch the January Developer and Governance Update recording below, follow along with the slides, and mark your calendar to join the next call, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when we upload the recording.

Topics covered in this month’s call:

  • Monthly insights [01:08]: as usual, we review the overall 0x volume of the past 30 days, sourced directly from 0xTracker’s network insights tab
  • 2020 0x ecosystem snapshot [03:26]: Brent walked us through a comprehensive 2020 look-back of the 0x ecosystem, filled with meaningful and bold metrics that gave us the opportunity to reflect on the dramatic growth of the Ethereum and DeFi spaces, driven by a plethora of outstanding applications leveraging the 0x protocol behind the scenes. If you need anything to get pumped about the year of 0x, we recommend you go through this section of the call.
  • Roadmap [07:45]: regular snapshot of the current 0x development roadmap, including what has changed since last time. Particular emphasis was put on the Community Treasury MVP workstream (more on that later), as it’s a solid example of a project whose ideation was triggered in conversations with the community on Discord and forum. If you are ZRX holder and a community member, it is important you share ideas or suggestions on what you think the 0x developer community should work on. The 0x forum is the right venue to contribute and participate in the dialogue.
  • 0x V4 vote reminder [12:04]: as previously announced, we gave a reminder about the upcoming 0x v4 vote and the expected migration of applications (powered by 0x API, like Matcha) and Market Makers. The vote is live now, and will end on Saturday 23rd at 3PM UTC. If you are a ZRX holder and haven’t voted yet, make sure to do so before the deadline at https://0x.org/zrx/vote/zeip-82
  • The road to onchain binding governance [15:42]: Amir gave an overview of the next smart contracts changes that will fulfill 0x’s final transition to a protocol fully in control of ZRX holders. This will entail putting in place an onchain binding system for protocol upgrades (0x v4 upgradeable architecture will make this easier) and will likely be coupled with an experimental community treasury. As 0x Labs champions and approaches the implementation of these changes, a key message was passed: 2021 will be the year where 0x community will have to become more responsible and accountable, as it will be given greater agency (through a community treasury) and control (0x Labs will have the same control rights as any other contributor) over the 0x protocol’s fate.
  • Ecosystem Spotlight: Opyn [25:17]: Zubin, Opyn’s co-founder and CEO walked us through the recent launch of Opyn v2, the latest version of the leading options protocol. After summarizing the basics of options, Zubin explained how Opyn implements them for DeFi, and how v2 enables greater capital efficiency (up to 10X) for traders compared to v1. Opyn utilizes 0x for options settlement, which provides a more flexible and efficient representation of options markets, which are instruments that ultimately zero their value at expiration (which is a problem for vanilla AMM LPs). Finally, we went through the immediate and longer term next steps for Opyn, which include many innovative and exciting ideas for novel strategies uniquely available on DeFi.
  • 0x ecosystem job opportunities [39:20] reminder that there are a lot of open positions across all teams developing on 0x. In this section of the call, we advertise open positions in all teams building on top of 0x protocol. There are already several opportunities out there: if you’re looking for a new gig in crypto, look no further (slide 20). Reach out to Brent or Theo over Discord if you’d like to advertise openings here.
  • “How can I contribute?”: placeholder slide if you ever wondered how to get started with 0x. There are several ways for you to get involved and contribute — and no, that doesn’t necessarily require you to code. That depends on whether you are a developer, an enthusiast, a ZRX token holder, a market maker. Slide 21 contains all the pointers (with links) to have an impact.

See you next month! Subscribe to the developer mailing list or watch the github repository to be notified of the upcoming meeting date and time.

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