Why project Holozing is being built on Hive Blockchain ?

By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 23 Feb 2024

Holo Zingians!

It's your favorite juice with another awesome post today and today, I will be talking about Holozing, the most awaited upcoming 3D open-world crypto game in Hive blockchain and why the developers chose a web3 platform over a web2 to make this project. While we are all waiting eagerly for the starter pack sale release date which will be the first ever sale from this project, the team is also working hard in the background and fitting the last pieces so that they can bring us an error-free smooth experience and I personally think the sale will be announced in the next month of March, but please note there is no official date yet regarding this.


What is Holozing?

For those who are hearing the term ‘Holozing’ for the first time, Holozing is an upcoming 3D open-world roleplaying game inspired by the world-famous game Pokémon. In this game, players will be called healers and they can roam free in a vast 3D mystic open world and can catch mystic creatures, train them and use them to fight against other players’ creatures in order to progress and win rewards in the game. While the game is still in its early development phase, the team is tirelessly working the clock on this project and also sharing their updates often via their social handles on Twitter, Hive etc. The project has already launched its primary token called $ZING and the toke can be traded at Players who want to start accumulating this token early can earn via participation in different reward pool schemes active on the official website and right now there are 3 different ways to earn Zing token - Delegating Hive power, Staking Zing token or adding balance in the liquidity pool at TribalDex.


What will be there in Holozing?

The game will consist of many unique creatures that you can find while roaming the open world just like what we used to see in Pokémon TV series or games and the goal here will be to catch rare wild creatures with good stats and train them to make them more powerful and to evolve them in their superior states. This indicates that unlike most of the other games that we use to see in web3 platforms and thus, game will be a revolutionary project and has the potential to make people rethink about the capabilities of web3 play2earn games. I personally believe that if the team is successful in what they are proposing to deliver, it will become a groundbreaking project that can attract hundreds of thousands of gamers both from within and outside of the web3 realm.

Why Holozing is built on Web3?


True Asset Ownership

The most unique thing about this upcoming game is that this game is being made in web3 space and uses the decentralized Hive blockchain to build this game upon. Unlike all the procedural web2 games. Here players can spend money to to actually own the project tokens and in-game assets and can trade or sell them for money or other in-game things. This simply means you are the owner of your assets which will actually hold monetary value whereas in the web2 games like MWII or PUBG, even if you spend a lot of money and get rare items you cannot trade them or sell them for money.


Transparency is another bright feature of blockchain technology and Holozing wants to leverage it to produce a transparent project that will be easier to trust because everything happens in this game through blockchain transactions and certainly will be recorded in logs and can be seen anytime later. This eliminates the problem of scams and illegal activities in the game and also gives players the power to check anything they want without asking anyone. For instance, in Hive blockchain you can check transactions of any user and also their wallet balances which would be a nightmare to the web2 companies certainly.

Check TRX of any hive account here = (just paste the desired account name in place of XYZ.)



The next thing that makes blockchain technology more special is its security standards that is unbreakable. The main feature of blockchain technology is that every transaction that happens in a particular chain is recorded and attached to its previous transaction and When a block ( a cluster of transactions ) gets executed it gets hooked with its previous block in a way that if anything wants to edit and change a Transaction if has to change all the previous transactions since the beginning of the blockchain which is nearly Impossible. Also, depending on which mechanism it is using, ( proof of stake (PoS) Proof of Work (PoW) etc. ) every transaction has to go through checks that are done in a decentralized manner. It simply means not one centralized human or computer is not controlling the on-chain transaction and instead a large group of computers or people together is doing the job, which makes it very hard for scammers and hackers to steal anything here.

No fees for transactions

Though most other blockchains like ETH or BTC etc charge you a certain amount to perform transactions, Hive blockchain certainly does not. Considering you have a small amount of Hive Power stake in your account, you can interact and perform transactions totally free of cost. The unmatched technology used in the Hive chain uses its hive power amount to empower users to perform transactions and each transaction takes less than 3 seconds to execute fully. So without a doubt, Hive offers a great environment to both new and existing web3 projects, especially games so that people can play or interact as much as they want without any worry about the cost. That is probably one of the major reasons why Holozing and many other games have chosen the Hive chain as their platform.


Important Links

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Images taken from Holozing Website

Anyway, that was it for today's readers and I hope you liked reading my post and if through this post I have been able to serve you with even a little knowledge I will be very grateful to acknowledge that. Let me know your thoughts and plans about this upcoming game in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post!

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