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By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 15 Sep 2023

Hello readers,

Financial freedom is everybody’s dream but only a tiny percentage of people actually achieve it in their life while others die trying or end up losing their existing wealth after chasing it. Many also think that the term financial freedom is a myth and never can be achieved by normal people like you and me and is only reserved for those who are gifted. I also heard a strong statement once that if you are over the age of 25 and still not rich, you will never become rich in your remaining life as well. I guess most of you have heard something similar thanks to social media. However, though I am a daily social media consumer like most normal people living and breathing right now, I don't believe anything related to finance I see or hear anywhere and in fact, deep in my mind I question and argue everything I hear because most of those finance gurus you have been watching or listening to are maybe fake.

Social media did one thing for sure, it killed the beauty of truth and resourceful original knowledge and nowadays everything is becoming so trend-jacking and I don't even get why every social media influencer acts like they are on drugs. They are always over-excited, always screaming out like they have discovered a secret gate to Area 51 or have found Satoshi Nakamoto himself. If you don't believe me, just go to YouTube and watch your favorite top 3 YouTubers videos again. I know they do it to make their content more engaging, to create a hook that makes you stay on their content and blah blah but I can get it if they are making entertainment videos but why the hell they are doing the same on finance or educational-related videos as well? The case even gets worse here because the era of reading books is dead and students and knowledge seekers gain their knowledge mostly from online nowadays. Most of them also prefer to watch a video if available over reading a long ebook or pdf. But the way content creation is taking a turn, I fear what will happen after 10 or 20 years from here.

Another thing that catches my eye while watching finance or investment-related videos is that most of them are biased and they are always trying to project their own shitty opinions in pure knowledge and make it anything but pure. They always cast their own achievements over and over whenever and force you to walk in their footsteps, rather than teaching you how to walk on your own. Even today I laughed loudly after watching a YouTube video where the creator was warning to put money in crypto and it is the same creator who was promoting a crypto staking app during the last bull market on a daily basis. Not to mention that the app has been down for a long now and no one has got back their money.

Many of us think crypto is the most volatile sector in investment but I would like to ask you to try finding news from the last 5 years on penny stocks about how many of them have run away with investors money. If you have the guts, just search How many cheat funds, shitty forex or binary trading apps, gambling and betting apps have looted investors and made them beggars on the street in the last 5 years, you will get surprised and kissed in the face of crypto a couple of times more. We have thousands of finance and investment gurus and their channels on every social media, How many of them have educated you with the absolute truth about them? How many of them have warned you not to invest in these suspicious entities and instead just invest respecting your risk-taking power into banks, gold or silvers, stocks or mutual funds etc.. I can certainly guarantee that you can not find more than 5 such gurus on the internet even after hours of spending.

So, I would request you all, Before getting motivation dose from every mumbo jumbo finance freak Tom Dick and Harry, please research that content creator first and see his track record in the past. I would have told you to watch for any live proof they have given of their strategies or investment ideas but in this cruel world of Photoshop and AI, I think most of them show edited and morphed fraud images or screenshots just to show off insane gains and hook you in. How many of them actually live trade with time and stream with their viewers I ask, I never find anyone with a good subscriber count, If you know anyone, please let me know in the comments below.

Well, After ranting throughout this post, my final words would be don't believe everything you see on the internet, instead start questioning everything and see how many can answer. If anyone is making thousands or millions of dollars from trading or investing, he would not make YouTube videos with 50k views or tweets with likes and comments from bots. They are making money out of you while keeping you poor so that they don't lose a viewer. If you want to be an investor or a trader, start learning from real and legitimate sources. Start from the very basics and learn every little thing out there. Success does not have any shortcut path, never was and never will be. If you don't have time, then don't invest in anything risky. Always Remember what Warren said, the first rule of investment is not to lose money at first.

I hope I didn't make anyone angry with my article here, I am just a little frustrated myself watching too much financial garbage for too much time by now and realized how long I have wasted on these. Have you ever felt cheated for following any financial guru or lost money in any investment that you wish you hadn't done? Let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

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