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By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 4 Mar 2024

What’s up Splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are doing well in your life and also enjoying this awesome day with your loved ones. For splinterlands players, I hope you are coping with the new changes in ranked mode and for those who used to compete in the champ leaderboard, well the competition will be tougher from now on because all the lower league leaderboards have been removed from the game and only the top league of both formats (modern and wild) will have lb dec rewards. So I am expecting more players from Diamond to come up and join the champion war and increase the competition. Another noticeable change in the ranked format is the change of dynamic rating to Static and upon winning a ranked match in Champion, one will get a fixed +20 trophy points and -20 upon a loss. So it is highly possible that the ratings of players on top lb would increase than what we used to see normally. The max rating that one can obtain from now in ranked matches will be 5000 and if multiple players get able to acquire 5000 trophies before the season's end, then we may see multiple top placeholders winning big dec prizes, but it would be pretty hard to reach there within a 2 week time frame and with limited battle energies, so I am very interested to see the results of the first season if more than one person reaches the 5000 trophy point and claim the first prize. Needless to say that already some OG players are pushing their trophy count towards the goal and the top account on lb is holding 4810 trophies currently and the second one is 4730. Anyway, I am way far from and currently fighting with a trophy count of 4270 only. But looks like I have to push myself as well and try hard if I can secure at least a sweet spot among the top 25.

Now, let me come towards the main topic of this post as today I will be showcasing another amazing Reward card with you all that I recently started using often and also getting good results. As you have already checked out my thumbnail above, today I will be talking about one of the famous monsters with Weapon Training ability, BERIX SNAKEYE.

image-removebg-preview (2).png


Snakeye, whenever I come across the name I remember the badass Ninja guy from the GI Joe movie. But this one is neither a Ninja and nor even a human. This fierce-looking mystic warrior is a legendary monster card that requires a total of 11 cards to upgrade it to the maximum level. It belongs to the Dragon unit and it comes under the Chaos Legion edition card-set. Its attack type is Ranged and it costs a whopping 10 mana to be used in battles. Though its attack power is not that great respecting its huge mana cost, but the main feature of this card is its weapon training ability with which you can place attack less cards adjacent to it and they will get its attack power (up to max 3). The current fighting strategy in modern format is heavily revolving around using weapon training ability and thats why this card is gaining popularity very fast. Please note that you can not buy this card from the market as this card is soul-bound in nature and can be only obtained through playing the game and acquiring it from reward chests. Let us now take a further look into this card's stats and abilities league-wise below.



At level 1, this card gets 3 ranged attack at 2 speed with 6 armour and 5 health and it also gets 2 abilities - Weapon Training and Void Armour since its initial level. While the Weapon Training ability will provide attack power to attack less monsters placed adjacent to it, with the help of Void Armour the enemy magic attacks will break its armour first before reaching for the health.


When this card gets upgraded to the next level 2, it possesses 3 ranged attack at 2 speed with 7 armour and 6 health and also gets a new ability - Oppress. With this new ability now it can deal double damage when attacking an enemy card that does not have any attack power.


When you upgrade this card to its next level 3, its stats get further upgraded to 3 ranged attack at 2 speed with 8 armour and 7 health and also gets another new ability - True Strike and by having this new ability, this monster will now never miss its attack.


When you upgrade this monster to its final stage of level 4, it possesses and increases 4 ranged attack at 2 speed with 8 armour and 7 health along with the 4 abilities that I shared above.


As you can see, because of having a high 10 mana cost, this monster may only be used from medium to high mana limit matches and I was looking for a high mana limit match to use this monster and after playing for a while, I finally come across such a match with favourable rules. It was a large 50 mana limit match with only 2 elements available - Death and Dragon and there were 2 rulesets applied in this match...

LOST MAGIC - No magic monsters can be used in this match.

NOXIOUS FUMES - All monsters will start this match being Poisoned.


As for my strategy, I want to maximise my overall attack power and only melee and ranged attack types can be chosen in this match. I chose the Dragon summoner Quix the Devious and chose the only available element Death with it. For my lineup, I chose the Mantaroth as my frontal Defence card followed by Grum, Snakeye, Sevaya, Weirding Warrior and Raa at the end position of my lineup. When both lineups got revealed, I found out that my opponent had used the legendary dragon summoner Lilly and he also chose Mantaroth as his front defence followed by Carnage Totan, Grum, Sevaya, Riftwing and Mad Orge at the end position.


Battle Link

As the battle started, all my monsters apart from Raa started attacking the enemy Mantaroth because if the enemy summoner Lilly but my opponent could attack any minster if possible and his Mad Orge targeted my poor Warrior from the beginning. The poison effect upon that was more painful to me as 2 of my enemy monsters had Immunity ability whereas I had only one, the Grum. Sadly, both my Sevaya and Warrior got died at the beginning of 3rd round due to poison while all of the enemy monsters were still alive. But luckily, I was attacking the enemy Mantaroth heavily from the beginning so it was barely alive by 3rd round and my Grum killed it down in the same round. On round 5, my Snakeye and Raa also died because of poison and so did the enemy Titan and by then, the opponent had only 1 attacker the Orge while I had 2 including Mantaroth. So it was easy for me to kill down the rest alive cards easily and thus I won the match and won some SPS and trophies out of it.

I hope you liked reading my post and also enjoyed watching the match that I shared above. Let me know your thoughts and experience about this monster in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands

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