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By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 21 May 2024

What’s up Splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are doing well in your life and that you are enjoying this game on a daily basis. Well, if you have noticed, there are only 10 days left for this ongoing ranked season to end, so I hope all of you are playing well and climbing up to reach your goal league. For me, I am also doing the same and my goal for this season would be the same - to reach the Champion League and I am trying my best to reach there before the season ends. Right now I am playing in Diamond II and though I had reached Diamond I just recently, but then I lost some matches back to back and fell down a bit and now trying again to reach my spot. My trophy rating is 3280 at the moment and also, the SPS amount that I rented just expired last night, so sadly I am now earning less SPS and will surely rent some SPS again to boost my earnings and also may rent some cards that I am missing in my deck. Now Let’s see how I perform As time passes and if I can finally reach my goal this season.

Now moving forward, let me come to the main topic of this post as today, I will be introducing another amazing card and talking about it with you all as you have already seen it in the thumbnail, today we will be discussing the ferocious KULU MASTERMIND, So without any further delay, let us start!

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Kulu is a reward edition card that was launched with the latest edition reward card set and it is a soul-bound type card, which means you can not buy, sell, rent or delegate this card as this card is bound to the owner account. However with the latest reward update now we can burn these types of cards for Glint tokens which can then be used in the reward shop. Now talking about this mastermind, it is a legendary type card that belongs to the water element. Its attack type is melee and it costs a whopping 9 mana to be used in battles. The main advantage of this card is its Opportunity + Weapon Training ability combo which is devastating if used rightly. Ok now let us take a deeper look at this card’s league wise stats and abilities below.



At level 1, this card possesses 4 melee attack at 4 speed with 9 health and it also has 2 abilities that it gets from its initial level - Weapon Training and Opportunity. With weapon Training, it gives its adjacent monsters attack power (max 3) if they are attack less and on the other side, with the help of the Opportunity ability, it will attack the enemy monster with the smallest health.


At level 2, this card’s stats stay the same as of its previous level but it does get a new ability called Shield. With the shield ability, now this monster will get reduced damage from enemy melee and ranged attacks.


When you upgrade this mobster to level 4, it gets an increased 5 melee attack at 4 speed with 9 speed along with the 3 abilities that U mentioned above.


When this card finally gets upgraded to level 4, it possesses 5 melee attack at 4 speed with 9 health and it also gets a new ability at this stage called Enrage. Now with this new ability, whenever this card’s health gets damaged, all of its stats get increased making him more powerful.



This time I got a large 53 mana limit match with all the elements available to choose from. The match also had 3 rulesets - Enrage, Return Fire and Magic Reflect ability to all the monsters in this battle. However, after thinking about my strategy, I finally decided to go with the Legendary Chaos summoner Possibilus the Wise and chose Arkemis the Bear at my front followed by Mantaroth, Deeplurker, Kulu Mastermind, Merdaali Guardian and Runi at the end position.

Battle Link


When the match lineups were revealed, I saw that my opponent had also used the same summoner against me and in his lineup, he chose Arkemis the Bear followed by Coastal Sentry, Deeplurker, Pelacor Bandit, Venator Kinjo and Coeurl Lurker at the end place of his lineup. As the match started, all my rear 4 monsters started targeting and attacking the enemy coeurl while his mobsters started attacking my front and the Merdaali as it was the one with the lowest health in my lineup. Till level 4, I was having a hard time against my opponent and he also killed my front defense bear with his Sentry, but things quickly turned around when I killed down his Coeurl and started attacking other monsters. My Deeplurker killed both of his Bear and sentry with the help of Trample and then my Runi and Mantaroth took care of the rest monsters alive in the opponent’s lineup and thus, I won another great match and received some SPS and Glint tokens.

I hope you liked reading my battle post and enjoyed watching the battle that I shared above. By the at do you also like this monster and use it often in your battles or prefer other monsters over it?

Let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post!


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands

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