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By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 2 Mar 2024

What’s up Splinterlands players!

I hope all of you are doing well in your life and also brainstorming in this game on a daily basis. The last ranked season has ended just recently and I guess all of you have claimed your season rewards by now and started playing for the current one already. With this new ongoing ranked season, the ranked overhaul updates are already been applied to the game and from now on, there will be no separate leaderboard rewards for the league lower than the champion. In simple words, there will be only 2 sets of leaderboard rewards - one for wild format and the other one for Modern format and only players who play in the Champion league can claim those rewards if they get successful in securing a position in the top 50 in any or both of those leaderboard. Now as for my assumption, this will push many players who were playing for leaderboards in lower leagues till now, especially in Diamond or Gold will try to push themselves to the Champion League, and in order to achieve it, they will buy or rent max level cards. So the selling or renting price of max level cards will only go up from here. I think this is a good move by the official team to motivate players to invest more into the game which will benefit the game economy as well. But let’s see how it turns out in real life as time passes.


Moving on, let’s now take a look at my conflict status and I am right now collecting contribution points for the upcoming rebellion airdrop card. This will be the second airdrop card from the Rebellion Core card set and as per the rule, for every 250 chances there will be one guaranteed card for the users, which is 50 more per guaranteed card than the previous one. There are still 21 days left for the airdrop card to get distributed and so far, I have only collected 177 chances. I am currently earning 83,860 contribution points per hour and looking at my current progress, I think I will get 2 guaranteed cards for this round also just like the previous one where I received 2 Rage monster cards.

Now, let us move towards the main topic of this post as today, I will be showcasing another amazing Rebellion card that I have bought sometime back and using often in my battle lineups. As you have already seen in the thumbnail, today I will be talking about ENDURA BRUNE!



Endura Brune is an amazing rebel card that is gaining popularity because of her ability sets to weaken the enemy attacks and I have already made it max level to unlock its full potential so that I can easily use this card to compete against champion players. This is a legendary type card that needs a total of 11 BCX to get upgraded to the maximum level. This card belongs to the Water element and it costs 9 mana to be used in battles so that you can fit this card in your lineup from medium to high mana limit matches easily. Its attack type is ranged but it does not carry an eye catchy attack stat but however, its abilities make it a very special card which we will be seeing later on. Now, let us take a further look into this card’s league-wise stats and abilities below to get a better understanding.



During its first level 1, this monster card gets 2 ranged attack at 3 speed with 2 armour and 10 health and it also gets the Amplify ability since its initial level. Because if the Amplify ability, damages done to enemy monsters via Thorns, Return Fire or Magic Reflect will be increased by +1. So, if you are using monsters with such abilities, using this monster alongside can be beneficial.


when this card gets upgraded to the next level 2, it possesses the same stats as its previous level but it does get a new ability - Silence. With this new ability now this card can reduce every enemy magic monster’s attack power by 1.


When you upgrade this card further to the next level 3, this gets 2 ranged attack at an increased 4 speed with 2 armour and 10 health and it also gets a new ability - Headwinds. Now with the help of Headwinds ability, this card will decrease all the enemy ranged enemy’s attack power by 1.


When this card finally gets upgraded to max level 4, it gets the same 2 ranged attack at 4 speed with 2 amour and 10 health but it gets another ability Swift with which, it can now increase the speed of all friendly monsters by 1.



It was a large 49 mana limit match that I got this time and there were 4 elements available in this particular match - Water, Earth, Death and Dragon. There were 3 rulesets applied in this match as follows..

Aim True - Every attack will hit their Target in this match.

Equalizer - Every monster will start the match with equal health which will be equal to the monster carrying the highest health in this match.

Explosive Weaponry - Every monster in this battle will receive the Blast ability.

Now, for my strategy, I decided to neutralize the blast damage by using a minster with Reflection Shield ability and I also decided to choose The Lilly Shieldpaw summoner to focus all the enemy attacks on my first defensive monster. I chose the Grimbardun Smith followed by Oshuur Constantia, Runic Skyclaw, Merdaali Guardian, Coastal Nymph and the Endura Brune at the end position of my lineup. I chose the Coastal Nymph so that it uses its scattershot ability to attack a random enemy and maximize the damage through the blast ability and I also chose the Skyclaw to defend myself against the enemy blast damages a bit more after in case my Constantia dies earlier.


Battle Link

As the match lineups revealed, I found out that my opponent also used the Lilly summoner and used Smith and Constantia as his front 2 monsters followed by Deadblast, Guardian, Chaos Dragon and Soothsayer at his end position. However as the match started, my Brine reduced the enemy magic monsters attacks and also gave +1 speed to all my friendly monsters. My main attacker Nymph served me really well in the match by attacking random enemy monsters and spreading the damage through blast while applying Affliction to some of them so that they can get healed, but my Skyclaw also protected me unexpectedly from the enemy chaos dragon’s blast as well. Anyway, thou it was a long match but ultimately I won it somehow and scored an amazing victory.

I hope you liked reading my post and also watched and enjoyed the match that I shared above. Do you also live this monster and use it in battles, let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands

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