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If you are an active person on social media, most probably you have already heard about the recent hype building around the rebranding of the Twitter app into X. Well, currently the whole social media world is dancing with excitement as Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur and current owner of the social media app Twitter has decided and worked on a major rebranding initiative. In a recent but groundbreaking move, our beloved micro-blogging platform Twitter has already removed its decade-old iconic blue bird logo and embraced a new identity and logo as "X" symbolizing Musk’s vision of the "Everything App." This enormous transformation signals Musk's ambitious plan to merge social media with finance while revolutionizing the way we interact and share information online. In this article, we will talk into the details of Musk's vision for X and will explore the implications of this rebranding of course, we will also examine the potential impact on both the platform's users and the digital landscape at large.


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"X" - The Everything App

For anyone who thinks it's just a mere cosmetic makeover of the logo and name to make hype and onboard new users, think again as "X" is Elon Musk's next visionary project for the world. X represents the merging of 2 gigantic but separated worlds, social media, and finance, which is still uncharted territory for the existing web2 realm. All of us are invested in both of those things in our life but there’s no space yet that can offer us both under the same roof. Musk has a dream of transforming his new project X into one of the largest global financial institutions. As he already experienced great success with PayPal, one of his previous ventures, people around the world are pretty positive that he can manage to do this as well. Musk’s current bold step reflects his belief that Twitter's true potential lies beyond being just a mere social media platform and expanding its value by merging the domain of financial services into it, he will be creating a seamless integration of the two domains which will be super helpful for both existing and new users.


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Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms globally with more than 229 million daily user-base and 59.2% of this user-base is between the age of 25 years to 49 years. Moreover, Twitter is the most used social platform to get daily and updated news and as per data, 55% of Americans used Twitter to search for news. So clearly, Musk has already a gigantic user base in his hand that will support his Everything app upfront. On the other side, the annual revenue of Twitter alone in 2021 was more than 5 Billion USD which gives solid proof of its potential in the finance sector as well.

Web 3.0 and the Future of Social Media

As we are stepping into the era of Web 3.0, the effective integration of social media and finance sectors emerges with great force and has the potential in reshaping the current digital landscape. The exponential value that financial platforms offer us becomes even more evident when we examine the network connectivity effect of existing digital ecosystems. As for examples, just look at Facebook's current massive market capitalisation which is the result of its extensive user base and advanced advertising capabilities. Musk's vision for X extends this concept even more to the world of finance where he dreams about the potential for exponential growth for both the sectors and its users just by coupling social media with payment networks.

Challenges and Criticisms

While Musk's ambition is undeniable as we already have seen him getting successful with Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, etc.. some critics still question whether rebranding alone will be enough to address the fundamental challenges Twitter/X faces. Before Musk's involvement, Twitter struggled with its poor financial performance and stagnant user growth. Even with a brand new name and a renewed focus on finance, some still argue that the platform's growth potential may still be limited because most potential users are already engaged with it. The success of Musk's vision hence will largely get hanged on the fact of how effectively and efficiently X can adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of its current and future user base.

The Curious Case of "X"

The choice of the name "X" itself has raised some turning eyes and questions among industry experts and marketing professionals. There’s no doubt that the name X is quite Unconventional and seemingly enigmatic and also appears to cross out procedural and conventional branding practices. However, Musk's bright history of successfully transforming the Tesla EV company into a globally recognized brand without the help of traditional advertising provides proof of the success of this unconventional approach. From SpaceX to X.ai (the new website of "X"), Musk has displayed a penchant for one-letter names which are certainly memorable quickly and he may be putting his money into the same strategy to make "X" a household name in the digital realm to capture the future of this area in his palm.


LeoThreads UI LeoThreads UI


LeoThreads - An Alternative Approach

As Musk's Twitter embarks on a transformative journey, surely the mass will follow him and more will join with time. But, there will always be some users who seek alternatives that offer stability, earning opportunities, and innovative experiences. LeoThreads, a blockchain-based micro-blogging platform from the house of @leofinance has been gaining quite some traction recently as a viable alternative to Twitter. This new-age social media platform is offering content creators the opportunity to monetize their contributions and efforts in the platform and rewarding them with cryptocurrencies like Hive, HBD, and Leo tokens, all of which hold monetary value in the crypto market. LeoThreads is a next-generation Web 3.0 decentralized social media built on hive blockchain that distinguishes itself from all the existing traditional web-based social media platforms by providing valuable rewards for user engagement. The gradual growth of LeoThreads since its launch serves as proof of the current demand for fresh, easy-to-use, censor-free, and community-driven experiences in this ever-changing world of mainstream social media.


Elon Musk's great rebranding of Twitter to X, the Everything App will certainly leave a mark on the evolution of social media. With a gigantic and bold decision to merge social media and finance, Musk seeks a path to make the X into becoming a major financial institution while transcending its previous identity as a social media platform. While there are still a lot of challenges and criticisms roaming around the potential growth of X, Musk's excessive track record of transformative success on his previous projects fuels optimism among his believers. As we venture into the realm of Web 3.0, the blending of social media and finance holds a pretty large potential for exciting new possibilities. Anyways, Amid this transformation, alternative platforms like LeoThreads offer its users a fresh new perspective of engaging and a chance to become a part of a decentralized and rewarding community.

I hope all of you liked reading my post and please let me know in the comments below what things you liked and what not about X and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

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