Torum's Crypto Gift Themes and NFTs

By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 4 Jan 2021

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From the whitepaper:

1. Supporting the community with crypto-themed gifts (Released)

Support Feature is an innovative tipping mechanism that involves purchasing and sending different crypto-themed gifts to the community using XTM.

crypto themed gifts What are crypto themed gifts? Instead gifting the boring x amount of XTM, you give them artistic gift cards where each have their own XTM value: Smol Clap is 1 XTM, Bag of Shitcoins is 3 XTM, Hodl is 5 XTM, Pile of Kimchi is 6 XTM, Shushi Bundles is 7 XTM, Yummy Yam is 8 XTM, Bitcoin Pizza is 10 XTM, Bag of Altcoins is 25 XTM, Doge CEO 50 XTM, Moon Lambo is 100 XTM, Satoshi's Blessing is 1000 XTM.

Do you have a better suggestion for them? My two suggestions are:

  1. Gif animate the gift cards.
  2. Add more advanced downvotes using gift cards. There is an upvote which is a like, the downvote will probably be a dislike button. While the more advanced like button is tipping button or crypto themed gifts, why not add a more advanced dislike button of crypto themed insults:
    • 1 XTM boo!
    • 3 XTM bag of shit coins.
    • 5 XTM bad trades.
    • 6 XTM pile of garbage.
    • 7 XTM bundle of drugs.
    • 8 XTM abomination.
    • 10 XTM Pizza Corona Coin.
    • 25 XTM Bag of Scam Coins.
    • 50 XTM Police.
    • 100 XTM Hit Man Lambo.
    • 1000 XTM Wrath of Satoshi.
    Wait! Where will the XTM go? Certainly not to the users we downvoted to. Here are some options:
    • Equally distributed to other users.
    • To the locker and let governance decide what to do with the locked XTMs.
    • To the team.
    • Burned permanently.
    So, how will this insult impact? Either:
    • Reduce users shards which is trust indicator of each users.
    • Negative shards or dark shards where the users should be in the infamy radar. If the user is infamous of spam then this user is suceptible to penalties but on the other hand if this user is just controversial like Craight Wright then this can be benficial for the platform like how the infamous ones florish the media.

Continue from the whitepaper:

2. Buying & Selling in NFT Marketplace (Upcoming)

NFT Marketplace is a specialized platform for the TORUM community to list and trade NFTs using XTM.

crypto themed gifts NFTs my tip and receve progress Finally, the crypto theme gifts have some utilities where you get a point to each correspondent gift cards obtainable from sending or receiving tips and you get one non-fungible token (NFT) gift cards for every 20 points. So, there are two ways to earn points:

1. Receiving Gift Cards

The only way to receive gift cards is to appeal other users to tip your posts, threads, and maybe comments in the future. Straight forwardly is create quality contents or other ways such as being friendly with other users.

2. Sending Gift Cards

This is the way for the rich where if you want to book these NFTs early is to tip other users (tip 20 times for 1 NFT gift card). You will also help the platform by tipping quality contents, thus encouraging users to make effort in creating their contents. However, how to buy XTMs today? Buy through their initial exchange offering (IEO).

XTM Wishing Pool The IEO's minimum purchase is $1000 and Torum heard our complaints that most of us cannot purchase that much and thus they granted our wish by opening a pool where the minimum purchase is $100 up to $500. To join the XTM Pre-Sale Wishing Pool, join this Telegram group. Ofcourse these short sentences of joining telegram group can be suspicious. So to lessen my responsibility, I encourage you to check the original announcement and if you need more verification, then you can contact the admin in charge Nelthan Ng (Chief Operational Manager) where his Telegram username is @turninc. torum ambassador 0fajarpurnama0 Before buying XTM, don't forget to join Torum Crypto Social Media first: I am writing this article as Torum ambassador @0fajarpurnama0.

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