My Technical Analysis on Forex Cross Pairs 2021

By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 29 Aug 2021


Cross pairs are really just cross pairing of the major and commodity pairs except for the United States (US) Dollar. Again I will not discuss about them as my only intention here is to practice my technical analysis while I am also blogger so share them as well and especially here I will not give even a background about the cross pairs. Again, I do not include the date in the title because I will be sharing monthly charts which I guess may still be relevant until the end of the year. The videos are there for those who want to learn as well by watching my process but if you only want to see the result, leave it be or go to the end of the video to enlarge. Again, before going live on my premium trading signal subscription at, I would like to practice drawing trading signals and give them for free.

Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar (AUD/CAD)


The trend is bullish but kept rejecting in the supply area and if it breaks the trend line may potentially form a head and shoulders pattern which is bearish.

Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc (AUD/CHF)


The overall trend is bearish while there should be some classic chart patterns but there more visible on shorter time frame.

Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen (AUD/JPY)


While the swings are far from ideal in showing a max bullish Gartley harmonic pattern but the possibility is always there.

Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD)

The price is nearing the demand area which can be a good idea to start looking for a long position although the classic chart pattern is descending triangle which can go either ways.


Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc (CAD/CHF)

The price is really just going sideways and expect to continue in the future.


Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen (CAD/JPY)

The was a clear bullish flag but the question is, is it finished? If yes, then expect short term bearish price. This estimation is supported by a potential double top and rectangle classic chart pattern.


Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen (CHF/JPY)

Here is an example where many traders will think that there was a head and shoulder but it did not go down either we mis analyze or the classic chart pattern really failed. As for current trend, it is sideways. I'm not sure but it looks like a rectangle pattern and the question is will it break above or not?


Euro / Australian Dollar (EUR/AUD)

Shorter time frame is a bearish trend but longer time frame is still bullish. There are many bullish potential classic chart patterns which are bullish flag and cup & handle. Except for rectangle that go either way.


Euro / Canadian Dollar (EUR/CAD)

If the price does not return above the trend line, then it can be either a trend adjustment or a reversal to bearish trend if it keeps rejecting below the trend line. I did not see it back then, but the whole chart looks like an ascending triangle classic chart pattern. I already open a short position few weeks ago and will see where it will lead.


Euro / Swiss Franc (EUR/CHF)

Looks like forming a head and shoulders classic chart pattern but the price is near the demand area where we should look for a long position. Maybe it will touch the bottom of demand area if a head and shoulders is really forming before bouncing. If break above, then it will not form a head and shoulders pattern.


Euro / Great British Pound (EUR/GBP)

The shorter time frame shows a rectangle classic chart pattern but there is a possibility that the longer time frame formed a bearish new cypher harmonic pattern although the swing is not ideal.


Euro / Japanese Yen (EUR/JPY)

Now this is a bearish max bat harmonic pattern that may never happen or even if it may happen then it will take many months even over a year for it to form.


Euro / New Zealand Dollar (EUR/NZD)

If the price continues the pattern then it may form a bearish flag classic chart pattern but ofcourse the pattern may change.


Great British Pound / Australian Dollar (GBP/AUD)

Like EURJPY, the max bearish Gartley harmonic pattern may never happen or even if it may happen then it will take many months even over a year for it to form.


Great British Pound / Canadian Dollar (GBP/CAD)

Longer time frame seems to be a descending but inside it seems to be a reverse head and shoulders formed but it can fail.


Great British Pound / Swiss Franc (GBP/CHF)

The price broke the bearish trend and the stochastic oscillator shows a bullish divergence.


Great British Pound / Japanese Yen (GBP/JPY)

Either it will break above or form a double top classic chart pattern


Great British Pound / New Zealand Dollar (GBP/NZD)

The trend is bullish but be careful of head and shoulders classic chart pattern.


New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar (NZD/CAD)

Will it continue the bullish flag pattern or the rectangle pattern?


New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc (NZD/CHF)

Here's an example where a cup and handle classic chart pattern failed.


New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen (NZD/JPY)

Will it break above or form a bearish new cypher harmonic pattern?


Not Financial Advice Rules

  1. It is never my fault.
  2. Any losses occurred on your side, do not forget rule number 1. It is not my fault but it is your fault for following me.
  3. Therefore, it is very highly recommended to do your own research.
  4. Do not trade more than you can afford to lose.
  5. Additionally, this is only for educational purpose though even the intention is not even for that but only as my technical analysis practice note for me to review in the future.



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