Learn and Earn on Coinbase: ~$50/hour
Earned $14 Dai from Coinbase Earn

Learn and Earn on Coinbase: ~$50/hour

By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 29 Feb 2020



Coinbase is giving away coins for taking their free course.

earned 50 dollar in an hour

  1. Join coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/purnam_0v.
  2. Pass know your customer (KYC) / verify your identity by providing photo of your ID card such as passport and sign online.
  3. Learn and earn:


  • $3 DAI for completing 3 lessons of DAI ($1 each / average 3 minutes).
  • $14 Generate DAI with maker.

EOS: https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/hzd43p0x

  • $10 EOS for completing 5 lessons of EOS ($2 each / average 3 minutes).
  • $40 EOS for inviting 4 people to learn EOS ($10 for each invite).

Stellar: https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/8m2p5nx6

  • $10 Stellar for completing 5 lessons of Stellar ($2 each / average 3 minutes).
  • $40 Stellar for inviting 4 people to learn Stellar ($10 for each invite).

Basic Attention Token

  • $3 Bat for completing 3 lessons of Basic Attention Token ($1 each / average 3 minutes).
  • $7 Install Brave Browser


  • $7 OXT for completing the lesson.
  • $40 OXT for inviting 4 people to learn Stellar ($10 for each invite).


  • $6 XTZ for completing the lesson.

Zcash (currently sold out)

ZRX (currently sold out)

coinbase earned interesting screenshots

Successfully Withdrawn:

  • Brave Browser wallet.
  • BlockEQ wallet.
  • Nexo.io.


Most of us have to queue and it's been months and my friends are still in the waiting list.


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