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I Got Paid $4300 for Working 4 Months in Torum Crypto Finance Social Media

By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 12 Nov 2021

My name is Fajar Purnama and I am a content creator, a monetizer, a trader, a gem hunter, and will someday be a web3 developer. I was an ambassador in Torum from November 2020 - February 2021. Torum back then was a "crypto forum", a crypto based social media platform which was like the crypto version of Facebook where users (landers) can tip each other cryptocurrencies in a very fun and gamified way, and now I am proud that Torum is evolving into a Social Finance (SocialFi) platform where there are non-fungible token (NFT) market place, staking & liquidity farming, official airdrop events, and soon their own exchange, all of the finance integrated into their social media.

How Much Was My Payment?


Six thousands, five hundreds, and eighty eight (6588) XTM from all the articles about Torum I wrote, the tips I received, and the bonuses and gifts from the founders.


How much did I convert? 6588 XTM into 0.9003 ETH on Uniswap.


How much did I cash out? 0.9003 ETH into 61,215,561 BIDR on Tokocrypto.

How much it meant in my place? It meant 20 months worth of average salary here in Indonesia. I repeat again that we need almost 3 years to accumulate this much wealth and that does not even include living expenses. This shows how right all crypto influencers to consider working in the crypto space, how far Torum have evolved, and how true their promises are that they really paid their ambassadors.

What Was My Job?


  • My job was a content writer for anything related about Torum.
  • Writing one article per week.
  • Paid in $XTM based on the quality of the article.
  • Received bonuses because they were happy with our progress.
  • Following are my articles:


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Torum Crypto Social Media Mobile Website Live

Did I Betray Them for Cashing Out?


  • I do not think so because it is necessary to cash out to prove to the average people that $XTM is no longer an imaginary asset where the payment was real.
  • Yes, it will be an embarrassment if I sold $XTM now and mooned in the future. Shouldn't I cashed out just half of it like how most people do?
  • Before I was an ambassador to Torum, I was an investor where the amount of my investment is more than my payment, so I still have an investment in $XTM which I plan to hold for a long time.


I also owned a Crescentia NFT which I bought for 3 BNB ($1800).


This is my last report as one of the first ambassadors proofing that Torum delivered their promise by rewarding their ambassadors with wealth. It is unfortunate that I have to discontinue because I was asked to apply for 2 jobs and if I got accepted, there is a very high chance that I will be give a mountain of works just as I did previously on my internships that I do not want to disappoint Torum any further. If you have been following my monthly content creator income report, you probably knew that I discontinued in March 2021 to chase the bull market. I even stopped my daily blogging, Youtubing, and all other stuffs. I was very grateful that I succeeded in obtaining more than 100 months worth of salary. Again, unfortunately it only bought me a few months time and I did not dare to escape my fate that no matter how rich I have become, I must apply for a job that suits my degree which is a pressure from society. Torum offered me a job again that I was very sad to reject because if I was living alone like before, I would have devoted to work 100% in crypto than any other institutions and Torum would have been the first on my list. Well it is my fault for being a coward where I never communicate much that I was an ambassador of Torum because its cryptocurrency $XTM have no clear news whether it can be cashed out until November 2021. Average people will just think $XTM as just an imaginary token. I should have been braved claiming that I was receiving real income from Torum even if the truth was not clear back then. Finally, I thank you Torum, its Founders, its Ambassadors, its Landers, and everybody else which was far the best job I have in my entire life as of the writing of this report. Next time, if I do not renew my contract with Torum, I hope I can have my own startup in crypto and partner with Torum. With this report, Torum have proven its worth with $XTM finally become a real asset. I proven that Torum is real business, so what are you waiting for? Join Torum now:



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