Grandma is shocked by the multiplying Ampleforth and shocked again by the missing Ampleforth
AMPL contraction and expansion

Grandma is shocked by the multiplying Ampleforth and shocked again by the missing Ampleforth

By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 11 Jan 2021

Grandma: Sonny, who put more coins in my chest?

Grandson: Nobody did grandma since the first time Sonny gave those coins.

Grandma: That's funny, maybe Grandma's getting senile? Grandma remembered it was not full.

Grandson: Wait Grandma, let me check. Oh the price is above $1 for the whole week. You are not senile Grandma, you are supposed to have more coins now.

Grandma: Are you saying the coin multiplied by itself?! What kind of coin make babies?

Grandson: It is called Ampleforth Grandma. The price is above $1 which means more people demands more coins. So Lord Ampleforth supplied us more coins to sell to them Grandma!

Grandma: Then let's go to the market and sell to them Sonny!

AMPL more demand

Grandma: Sonny, did a thief broke into the house!?

Grandson: The security guard saw nobody entered the house Grandma.

Grandma: Then why are there less coins?

Grandson: let me check again. Oh, the price is below $1 which means there is too much coins and less people demands them. So Lord Ampleforth reduced our supply.

Grandma: Sonny! Will my coins disappear one day?!

Grandson: Don't worry Grandma, no matter how far the price drops, Lord Ampleforth will only take at most 10% each day (Rebase % = (((Oracle Rate - Price Target) / Price Target) * 100) / 10). For every 10 coins Grandma have, Lord Ampleforth will only take 1.

Grandma: Still, why is Lord Ampleforth so stingy?

Grandson: To create more scarcity Grandma so that people pays attention to it and demands will rise again!

AMPL Scarcity



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